The Truth About What City Living is Doing to Your Skin and How to Deal With It

I was given the opportunity to interview Dermatologist Dr. Debra Luftman and celebrity Make-Up Artist Gita Bass regarding what city living does to your skin and how a holistic life style approach can help.  This post is sponsored by Simple® Skincare.  All opinions are 100% my own.


Wow, I didn’t realize how many things really affect your skin.  When you are living in a city there are even more factors.  I was able to chat with Dr. Debra Luftman and Gita Bass to better understand how stress, weather, diet, beauty etc. all go into the results of your skin.

Check out my interview below.

I hope you enjoyed the interview.  I learned so much from these incredible women.  I love how these ladies really encourage women to take a holistic approach when it comes to caring for your skin.  So often, I think many of us only consider what we are doing to clean our skin.  While the products are extremely important (you can check out some of simple skin care cleansing products here) it is also important that you also focus on things such as exercising, sleep and diet.

As mentioned in the interview they did a survey and I found the results to be crazy interesting.  A couple of things worth repeating are that in the survey: 9 in 10 women in top 40 cities didn’t even know that city living was affecting their skin.  Also, I couldn’t believe that 27% of women have gone to full days without washing their face.  I understand being busy and not wanting to mess with it, but wow that has to be bad for your skin.

One of there thing I hear over and over is the health benefits of eating your greens.  I want to point out that again when it comes to skin care the ladies discussed that getting greens in your bodies actually helps keep your skin clear and healthy.

I hope you got some great tips from this interview.  I know for me it was very eye opening to hear the statistics and think about my own life.  It is my goal to try to focus on a more holistic lifestyle when it comes to caring for my skin.  It won’t only help my skin look healthy, but I know it will help me feel healthy, too.

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