Tips for Outlet Shopping Success

Summer’s here, and we could all use a little rejuvenation in our wardrobes. However, not all of us would like to completely deplete our paychecks on sundresses and sun hats (not that it doesn’t sound fabulous….)

What’s a great solution? Outlet malls!  Have you seen the recent Nautical post done with Legends Outlets Kansas City.


Before you run for the hills at the thought of bargain bins and reject sweaters, let me re-adjust your definition. Outlet malls, today, tend to be just locations where stores have brand-name clothing at reduced prices. I have found many high-end items at outlet malls and factory stores, including brands like Kate Spade, Dooney and Burke, J.Crew, and Vineyard Vines.
Done right, outlet shopping can be fun, economical, and rewarding!
Here are some tips that ensure outlet-mall success.

1. Take a lap:
Most Outlet malls are BIG, and you may not have time to get everywhere. Or, conversely, you may get so excited about the markdowns at one store that you may overload without surveying all of your options. Walk around the perimeter of the mall once and see where the deals are and what stores look like they are stocked well. Therefore, you’ll know how to focus your energy.

2. Bring your ID
Many stores run additional discounts for students. If you have a high school or college ID, bring it and present it at the register!

Weekends, especially, are super hectic at outlet malls. If you get an early start, you can beat the crowds.

4. Shop Off-seasons:
Outlets tend to carry stock across all seasons. Clothing from the previous couple of seasons will probably be seriously discounted, but still on-trend. Just make sure there are no noticeable rips or snares. Plus, you’ll be set once transitional weather comes around.

5. Don’t be afraid to bargain!
Salespeople might be willing to mark down prices if you negotiate. Be assertive, but not pushy.

6. Get creative
Go to outlets for stores you wouldn’t normally shop at. Sure, it’s not your personal style, but if you want to go outside the box, low outlet prices are the way to do it! You may be presently surprised at what you find!

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