5 Tips to Take Your Hair from Blah to Beautiful

All of us will suffer from bad hair days once or twice a month (or more!) It’s not just the ladies with the shorter styles that need to work their dos. Girls that love keeping their tresses long have to work just as hard (if not harder) to create something stylish and tamed each day. It can become a bit of a love-hate relationship with your hair! Don’t panic. There are always things you can do to turn that bad hair day into a fabulous hair do.


Your choice of a hair dryer can make a pretty big difference. You can see just how varied each make and model can be when you look at comparison websites online. But it’s not just the brand – it’s how you use it. There are nozzles for focussed drying and styling and diffusers for lifting messy curls. If you want to find the best hair dryer for curly hair, you should look for specialist reviews. Keep the temperature as low as you can to avoid damage. Give the whole do a blast of cold air at the end for some added shine.

Heated Curlers And Straighteners

Adding heat to your hair will help it stay in place better. Of course, you should always spray some heat protection product on your tresses first. Long hair, can split and dry at the ends more easily than shorter cuts because the ends of long hair is older or more damaged. Of course, you can get away with cutting damaged ends when you have longer hair! You might want to avoid high heats if your hair is fine and fly-away. Choose styling tools with adjustable heat settings.

Oils, Mousses, Sprays

Some of these products are ideal for use while the hair is wet. They can lock in some of that extra moisture and provide protection against heated styling. Others are used as finishers. The will set the style and offer some extra sheen or gloss. Build up of product can leave a nasty residue on your hair. You should avoid getting them on your scalp as it may cause itching too. Don’t spray while using heated appliances.


Different conditioners offer different levels of weight to your hair. You should carefully pick the right one for your hair type. Most of them are for the hair only, so try not to apply it to your scalp as well. A few are designed to be left in. These tend to be heavier, more intense sources of moisture for your hair. Why not leave your conditioner in for a minute or two before rinsing? It could give your hair a little extra nourishment.

Tie It Back

When you have long hair, you probably will want it tied back at times. This can be very damaging and can even tug hairs out from the roots. Choose softer bands and looser ways of tying the hair. Why not try a braid? You can even use your own hair to bind the rest of it and hold it all in place with a simple clip. Love your hair.

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