The Ultimate Guide to a More Confident YOU

This world we are living in is full of picture perfect instagrams, lovie dovie facebook post and tweets that make you have major FOMO.  Yet, the reality of it is people only post the very best.  Rarely, do people share the rough patches, the sleepless nights and the hardships.


Where am I going with this?  Well, all of the comparisons online can certainly lead to a less confident you and I for one want to change that.  I have created four tips to help you be a more confident YOU.  Starting with…


I know, you’ve heard it a million times.  But, seriously there is no one just like you.  Don’t worry about pleasing others or trying to be something you’re not.  If you’re happy with yourself that’s all that matters.  There is no one in this world who thinks like you, talks like you, looks just like you and for those reasons you should be so happy to be yourself.  Which leads me to my next piece of advice.


I made it very clear that you should be yourself, but make sure you are being your very best you.  Don’t make excuses or be lazy with your life. It’s so much more convient to take the ‘easy way out’, when it comes to a million different things.

You’re not happy with your body? Start working out and eating healthy.  You’re in a relationship with someone you don’t even really like? End it.  It’s better to be alone than with the wrong person.  Plus, it gives you the option to have a little fun unit the right one comes along.  And they will, they always do.  You have a job you hate? Quit the job.  Find something that you’re passionate about.  Life is too short to waste away your hours doing something that you don’t enjoy.  You have ‘fake’ friends? Find new ones.  Join a club, go to a networking event, travel, reach out to people who inspire you.

Stop making excuses if you’re stuck in a rut.  It’s your job to the the best you.  Of course, there are days when things are tough, but pushing yourself through those hard days will lead you to the most incredible ones.  So how are you going to figure out what makes you the best you?


I mentioned go traveling.  Seriously, do it and go by yourself.  Yep, that’s right I just told you to travel by yourself.  With my blogging career I have had the incredible opportunity to travel alone.  The first solo trip I went on I was SO scared.  It was for a visit to a movie set and I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity, but I had no idea who would be there or what to expect.  I met some of the most amazing people on that trip.

Also, when you travel alone don’t just hide out in your hotel room.  I had never been to a bar by myself until I went after filming a reality tv show in New York City.  I had spent hours filming and on my last night when the filming was over I decided to try out the closest bar I could find.

I was starving.  I bought a huge veggie burger and fries that could have fed 10.  There was no where to sit as everyone was standing and sipping on tall glasses of pinot.  There was one open area at a table full of what looked like men who walked straight out of a Calvin Klein advertisement.  I decided to walk over and stand at the empty spot.  Let me tell you something, those guys were more friendly than I could have ever imagined.  They told me all about NYC and why they loved living there.  They gave me some great advice on the city and although we didn’t become friends for life, I certainly had more fun than I would have sitting in my hotel room munching on take out.




I know the idea of traveling solo can be so intimidating, but if you’re prepared you’ll be fine.  Not only prepared from the inside, but also the outside.  What I mean is packing.  Find your go to outfit, your comfy shoes and don’t forget about those feminine products.  I am beyond excited to let you know I have been selected as a U by Kotex brand ambassador.  I have been using U by Kotex for years.  Not only do I love the product, but I love what the company stands for.  They are serious about empowering women and helping them lead a more confident life.


U by Kotex has a thin, sleek, easy to conceal product that many young women feel confident using.  Plus, they are making it easier for those of you who are ready for those travel adventures.  You can head to Walmart and score a bonus pack attached to your Kotex purchase.  Now, that you’ve surrounded yourself with all the right products you need to…


This world is full of so many people.  You could literally meet hundreds of new people every day.  The older I get the more I realize ‘season friends’ are a real thing.  There are parts of your life that you’ll have great friendships/relationships with people and think it will never change.  That they will be in your life forever, they won’t. Yes, some of them will, but many of them won’t.  I can’t even explain to you how important it is to find your support group.  Like the saying goes, find your tribe and love them hard.

I am beyond fortunate to have an amazing family and some seriously awesome friends.  I have also realized the importance of finding people with a similar interest.  Some of the people who started out as ‘blogging friends’ have become some of the most important people in my life.  When you surround yourself with the right people your confidence will sky rocket.

Look for people who believe in your.  If they are willing to support you and believe in you they are keepers. The best kinds of confidence building relationships are when you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other and think the other deserves the world.  My final tip…


Building up your confidence level takes time.  There are times you will have self-doubt, you’ll lack the confidence you need, but don’t stress about it.  If there’s one regret I can share it’s not being more confident in myself, my choices, my actions just being more confidence in who I am.

Give yourself time to become the person you want to be, but whatever you do…

Do it with confidence!! 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with U by Kotex.  However, all opinions are my own.  I truly love this brand and their mission to help women be more confident. 


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