Tips to Clean up your Diet

Wondering why your weight-loss is plateauing, or questioning why filling up on fruits and veggies isn’t working? Try these three tips to clean up your diet to see the best results!

Minimize Refined Carbs- Cut out white carbohydrates such as white bread or rice and switch to whole wheat or multi-grain carbs in your breads, pasta, cereals, and all other ‘carby’ food items.

Eat Five Times A Day- Yes, it seems like a lot of food, but eating five times a day (three meals, 2 snacks) will keep your blood sugar stabilized throughout the day which can prevent mood swings or pangs of hunger.

Limit Liquids- Ditch sugary sodas and fattening frappucino’s for the most natural drink on earth: water! Drinking warm water will keep your stomach full, and cold water can keep your body hydrated. So enjoy a cold (or warm) glass of water over a sweet drink which is not good for your body AT ALL.

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    • Jessie
    • July 22, 2012

    I would love to eat 5 times a day, but then i would gain even more weight!!!

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