Tips to Enhance Your Beauty Products

With the rising cost of beauty products, no one wants to spend their hard earned money on ineffective items. But before you give up on that drugstore face wash or throw out that old nail polish, all your products may need is a little boost. Make your beauty routine worth your bucks with these 6 tips to enhance your beauty products.

1. Put your nail polish in the fridge

Nobody likes a streaky mani but when you’re using your favorite old nail polish, this may seem unavoidable. It’s thick, hard to get out the bottle and difficult to spread on your nails. To fix this problem, simply put the bottle in the fridge at least 10 minutes before you paint your nails. The cool temperature awakens old and almost finished polishes and restores its fluidity for easy application.

2. Put your toner in the fridge

While they may be one of the most underrated beauty products, toners can effectively reduce the size of pores and pimples. Storing your toner in fridge doubles this effect. Just as rinsing your hair with cold water closes the cuticles, the chilled toner helps to close your pores. It’s an extra refreshing treat for your skin the summer heat.

3. Store your makeup wipes upside down

These beauties can be so convenient after a long day, undoing an hour’s worth of makeup in mere seconds. But how long will it take you to get rid of that smokey eye if the top wipe is always dry? Seal your pack of wipes tightly and put turn the pack upside down until you’re ready to use it. This way the liquid trickles down to ensure that your have the perfectly moist wipe every time.

4. Leave your face wash on longer

Washing your face can sometimes take less than a minute. Is that enough time for your medicated face wash to work on those pesky pimples? Apply your cleanser at the beginning of your shower and continue your routine as normal and rinse it off when you’re finished. This will allow steam from the shower enough time to open up your pores and give the facewash better penetration.

5. Heat up your conditioner

No need to spend extra money on a new hair masque to undo sun-damage this summer. You can turn your regular conditioner into a powerful treatment for free with this tip. Gently squeeze some of the water from your hair and apply your favorite conditioner. Cover with a shower cap for at least 15 minutes. The cap traps your body heat which helps the conditioner penetrate your hair strands for even softer, more moisturized hair.

6. Apply your face primer with a brush

Using your fingers to apply your favorite primer may seem quick and easy but it can actually make the product less effective. Body heat and constant rubbing breaks down the structure of the primer so the less you manipulate it the better. Squeeze a dime sized amount directly onto a clean brush and apply gently to your face in sweeping motions as you would foundation. But be sure to wash the brush regularly to avoid a buildup of dirt and bacteria.


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