Tips To Having The Ultimate Career In Geekery

Being a geek is more than getting overly engaged in a hobby or enthusiastic about tech. It’s a lifestyle of staying informed and keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest kinds of tech and innovation. So, what better way to do that than to set yourself up in a life-long career in the tech industries? For innovative types, technology offers a constantly rising wave of opportunities. Opportunities to profit off creativity. Opportunities to turn your passion into something that can sustain you. The tech world is full of chances for entrepreneurs and here’s how you can grab them.




Being enthusiastic or interested isn’t enough. If you have the passion, use it as a drive to learn. Training isn’t always enough to get yourself a career in tech, as this piece from states. But the expertise you can learn is necessary to know a great opportunity when you see it. Train in the latest forms of technology and devote yourself to it. Without that expertise, you’re just a person with ideas. With it, you’re a person who can turn ideas into business opportunities.



The startup

If you have a business idea and the expertise to work it from a technological perspective, the next step is to form a startup. Lots of startups come and go, so it takes a deal of business preparation as well. One of the most important aspects of a startup is timing. First, it requires more patience than a lot of hasty, failed entrepreneurs expect. Secondly, you need to time your product to the markets’ needs. Going before that need is publically established can have you flounder before you have the chance to grow.



Doing what you love

Geekery is about passion. If you’re launching ideas that you’re not passionate about, then you won’t succeed. There’s a reason so many game developers are willing to start with minimal earnings. They’re involved in media that they love and can devote themselves to the practice itself, not just what they can get from it. Of course, earnings are an important part of a fulfilling career, so we’re not abandoning that completely. Just make sure you have the enthusiasm for more than money if you’re looking to stick with your business. Next, you need to also find others who share your enthusiasm.



The great thing about the tech industries is that they are populated almost entirely of people who are enthusiastic about tech. But how do you find these people? The key is networking. There are events all over that you can take advantage of if you’re willing to get out there. You can also set up your own tech events. These can be great ways of finding local talent. All you need to do is make sure you manage it properly. Getting on top of social media marketing can help you build anticipation. From then on, it’s down to that expertise and enthusiasm once again to start building those links that will help you.



The entrepreneurial touch

Being an entrepreneur in the tech industries is mostly about having the know-how and the desire. But it’s also about having the right presentation. People are much more likely to follow someone and invest their own time, energy and money if they can believe in them. To get them to believe in you, you need to develop the image of success. From clothes and food to your lifestyle, you need the entrepreneurial touch. If you don’t have it naturally, sites like are a great place to learn it. Fake it til you make it. Then when you make it, it’ll come all too naturally.




Keeping up-to-date

An entrepreneur does more than just manage one innovation to sell themselves. They’re constantly keeping on the wave, contributing in successes around them. To do that, they need to be current. You can never rest on your laurels. Not until you plan on retiring, at least. has a list of some of the best tech blogs on the internet. Keep up with all the latest innovations both in the business world and technologically. That way, your expertise never dulls and you never miss an opportunity to expand your career.


In the age of the startup, it’s not difficult to get started on your career. However, sustaining one involves a lot more work. It involves training, know-how and appearance. Most important, it requires dedication to geekery and a willingness to always stay on the ball. Get these down and your chances are a lot better.

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