Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean While Baking


Who else can not stand a messy kitchen? This girl certainly can’t!  I do a lot of baking, and over the years I’ve figured out how to keep my baking area spotless as I spend hours making delicious desserts and food!  OK, so maybe I have a touch of OCD, but after all of that hard work, I do not want to clean up anything… I want to be done and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Literally. The fruit pies, cupcakes, cobblers, whatever it is I am making, I’m enjoying it!

First off, I love to store my baking items in clear containers. Easier to see, “clean” looking, and not so ugly sitting there on my counter (even if I am the only one who sees it).  I buy flour, sugar, and brown sugar in REALLY big bags because it’s more cost effective, and then I fill up these neat air-tight containers over and over. The containers also fit nicely in my cabinets, where they can stay tucked away!


photo 1 (17)

These cute little glass jars are from Italy, but you can order them online from the Container store. Cheaply might I add. They are perfect for baking powder and baking soda.

photo 5 (5)

I always like to keep my butter at room temperature, so I make sure it sits on a plate. Of course, I chose white because it’s “clean” looking and keeps the counter from getting greasy!  I use another plate for my measuring cups, knives, etc, because, again, operation “keep the counters clean” is in motion!

photo 4 (8)

Most recipes call for two bowls, one for dry and one for wet ingredients, but a third bowl is important too!

photo 3 (13)

The TRASH bowl!  Butter wrappers, egg shells (although I usually dump those in the ole’ kitchen garbage disposal or use for my garden), whatever you need to throw way. One bowl, one dump into the trash at the end!!!

photo 2 (15)


Hope you enjoyed these simple tips!  Let’s get baking!

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