5 Tips to Minimize the Appearance of Scars

If you’ve had trouble with acne, rashes, or just minor cuts, you may have also had trouble with scarring as an after effect. Here are a few ways to minimize the appearance of scars on your skin:

Keep it clean – So, you’ve just got a cut r have just encountered a pimple…first thing you should do is clean it! Cleaning prevents infection and can assist in nipping the problem in the bud. Use something like rubbing alcohol to kill germs and dry out the affected spot.

Use– Any kind of open cut or sore should be treated some kind of ointment that aids in the healing process as well as keeping infection at bay.

Keep it covered – Isolating and covering the wound, cut or sore speeds up the healing process that no other germs enter the area.

Don’t pick at it – you may be tempted to pick at scabs that form over the area. Don’t’ do it! Doing this creates a fresh wound that will need to heal again.

Use scar reducing creams & ointments – once your wound, cut or sore has healed be sure to apply a scar reducing cream to lighten the area and reduce the appearance of any scar that has formed there.

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