Tips to Tone Your Arms

Indian clubs workoutIt’s the summer and time to expose the most skin. You’ve sculpted your abs for your bikini and you’ve boosted your bum for those shorts, but what about those tanks and tees? Time to sculpt your arms with the perfect amount of definition, so when you get compliments on your body you can say, what this old thing!  Get the scoop on how to tone your arms. 

Target the arms, chest and shoulders to transform the droopy skin into firm muscle. Sculpted and shapely arms are achievable with a steady 10-15 minute routine about 2 or 3 times a week on nonconsecutive days, because rest days are important for your body to recover. Plus, it is important to remember you get the best results by shocking your body that is performing different workouts at different levels.

To begin your workout you need a cute gym outfit. For advice check out Kasey Levine Scoop on how to “Look Cute and Feel Good at the Gym”!  Next, you will need 3-5 pound and 8-10 pound dumbbells and a mat.

You should begin every work out with warm up, and way to get your blood flowing. Run in place for about 2 minutes. Throw in a few jumping jacks in there. And once you feel warmed up begin your exercise with bicep curls.

Bicep curls: Use a five to eight pound dumbbell, keep your feet planted with your legs slightly bent. Holding the weighted dumbbells in each hand bring you arms up to your shoulder in a curl position, then lower your back down. Stay in control. Its better to be in control when you work out, that way you are tightened and centered all over, thereby working out your entire body with a focus on your arms. Do three sets of ten reps.

When doing these workouts finish one set and move onto the next workout to keep your body in shock and dynamic.

Modified Triceps Push Up: Using your mat, kneel with your hands out in front (push up position with knees resting on mat). Bring your hips forward to shift the weight over your shoulders. Lower your upper body towards the floor, keeping your butt down and abs tight. Push up and repeat.

Lateral Raises: Using a lighter weight so you are more stable, you begin by picking up the dumbbell keeping your arms to your side. Then, slowly and in control, you raise your arms outward, never past your shoulder. Then lower slowly back down to your side. Three sets. Ten reps. This workout will target your shoulder area.

Keep these three exercises in mind when toning your arms. However, sometimes working out alone is difficult. So, for everyone with iPhones or other smart phones, there is an excellent free app that makes working out so much easier! The app is called Nike Training. It allows you to select your level of skill (beginner, intermediate, expert) and choose goal-orientated workouts, such as “GET LEAN” or “GET STRONG”.

It also provides “GET FOCUSED” which is 15-minute workouts that targets specific areas, such as the arms. What’s awesome about this app is that it provides video examples and works out along side of you like a physical trainer. So, when you are in the middle of a 15-minute workout and feel tired, it chimes in with encouraging reminders to stay strong and keep focused! It also rounds out the workout with warm ups and cool downs.

With this is mind, remember to stay hydrated and in control for the best results.

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