My Tips For Winning Your Dream Job

Think about the word win. What does it imply? It implies, rightly so, that getting your dream job is like coming first in a competition or event. That’s exactly what it is. If you do get the job of your dreams, you’ve beaten everyone else who went for it. You’ve entered a race and you’ve been given the trophy for first place. When you think about a job interview like this, it will become far clearer what you need to and what’s expected of you. But let’s take a step back because getting your dream job starts long before you enter the interview room. First, you’ve got make sure they’re impressed by your CV.


Perfecting Your Resume

What’s the point of your CV? Essentially, it’s a snapshot of you are or could be as an employee. It’s not your entire life story nor does it include everything an employer needs to know about you. For instance, an employer can’t tell whether someone would be a good fit for their business based on the CV. They also won’t be able to tell if you could complete the job they need doing. They can make an educated guess. But they can’t reach a formal conclusion without meeting you.

A CV should tell them how much experience you have and some of your skills. It’s also a chance to impress an employer with your ability to present information. This is a skill required in almost every job that you can think of, at some point.

To perfect your resume, you first need to think about the length. Your CV should not be any longer than two pages. Ideally, it should only be one page without looking cramped. You might think that’s an impossible task. But this is perhaps because you’ve got too much junk on your CV. You need to select information that makes you unique or that you think an employer will find impressive. An Employer will spend around thirty seconds looking at a CV so the shorter you can make it the better.

Winning The Interview

If you always get to the interview stage but never get past it, then you need to work on your interview technique. There are some websites online that could provide a great resource here. On average, an employee will know in the first five minutes whether they’re going to hire you. Or, if you’ll make the next cut of interviews. The rest of the process is them reaching for more information and making sure you don’t slip up anywhere.

Thus, impressing them straight off the bat is essential. Make sure you act with confidence and only answer the questions they ask. A common mistake in an interview is for the interviewee to go off on a tangent, missing the point of the question completely.

If you want to be remembered by the interviewer, you have to find your USP. This is something you can bring to the table that no one else can. That could be having contacts in the industry or perhaps an idea of how to improve the business if you are hired for the job.

I hope you found this advice useful. Follow it and I’m sure your dream job is just around the corner.

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