Tone That Tush!

Want to look so good this summer that even white boys got to shout… baby got back? Then listen up, ladies, ’cause Sir Mix A Lot is not the only one with some booty-worthy advice.

While you’re busy hittin’ the gym, keep in mind a few key things you can do to make sure your tush looks just as toned as the rest of you!

According to our friends over at Fitness Magazine, a 15-minute workout designed for your bum is ample time to get your sweat on!

Targeted to tone your lower back, butt, hamstrings, calves and hips, there’s no excuse for not getting a workout in even if don’t have time for the gym. Sneak it in before work or class in the mornings, while dinner cooks, while you wait for your take-out to arrive or before bed.

Ladies of the world, behold! You’re 15 minutes closer to a bootylicious bum!

Using the Fitness Mag 15 Minute Workout as a guide, get that booty in shape! Don’t be afraid to add or subtract moves that suit your fitness needs: shop through your favorite sites/blogs for fitness tips, watch YouTube videos instantly or shred with fitness DVDs. Be fearless with your workouts! You know your limits, so listen closely to what your body is telling you – especially your bum!

Go get ’em, girls!


[Lead image courtesy of Women’s Health]


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