Top 10 Shop Tobi Summer Picks

by Sarah Scoop

There are so many great online shopping sites, but Tobi is definitely one of my all-time favorites. They have such a good variety of style choices and great deals. Literally, anyone can shop here and find something that they like. Summer is so close so what better time to restock your wardrobe.

Here is just a small list of some of my favorites to get you started:

1. Kate Black Multi Floral Print Maxi Dress

This smock-topped maxi dress is EVERYTHING. The best way to start the summer is with a maxi dress that is versatile and absolutely stunning. The floral print adds a fun and girly look while the cut of the dress adds a touch of glamour. You can wear this to school, work or a special event.

2. Spring Fling Black Floral Wrap Dress

The best summer look is the effortless, breezy look which is what this dress is all about. Looking for a dress that will show off your curves? This is definitely for you. The wrap style of the dress accentuates the parts that want to be shown instead of either showing off other curves that you don’t want it to or just having no shape at all.

3. Mia Rose Off Shoulder Shift Dress

Summer is the ultimate time for anything off-the-shoulder and floral. Any rose pattern can be either very cute or very glamorous and in some cases, both. This dress is very free-flowing but shows a more mature and modern style with it. This dress is the perfect mix of casual and dressy which allows more freedom.

4. Angles All Around Blush Asymmetrical Blazer

If you don’t have a long, simple colored blazer, snatch this one up now. This is such a staple piece in anyone’s closet who may have to dress professionally all the time. Even if you are not one of those people, it is a great way to tie together an outfit for just a simple upcoming job interview. Also, what’s great about this particular one is that it is very lightweight which won’t drag you down in the sun.

5. Take A Bite Ivory Blouse

By the way, are you looking for the perfect, most versatile white blouse to go with that new blazer of yours? Take a look at this one, because I’m pretty sure that you will not be disappointed. Not only is it white (so it basically goes with anything) but it can also be dressed up with a more professional look or it can be dressed down with some jeans or leggings and a nice pair of casual shoes.

6. Where Are You Black Brow Bar Sunglasses

The summer usually requires some fierce sunglasses. Also, sunglasses are such a great tool for anti-aging believe it or not. You know those days when you’re driving and the sun just glares down at you and you continuously squint? Sunglasses will definitely save you from squinting so much that you will get crow’s feet sooner than later. So while you’re on the beach or by the pool, looking stylish as ever, these will both save you from wrinkles and vision problems.

7. Jungle Fever Green iPhone Case

Why not carry the tropics everywhere you go? I personally need this to remind me to save up for a tropical vacation. This phone case is super cute and will definitely remind anyone around that summer is just around the corner. This is such a nice way of brightening up something super basic (like an iPhone) and it really shows off your personality.

8. Holly Silver Transparent Mini Backpack

Summer is known for music festivals and concerts which means that now is the time to make it easy for the security guards. Grab this for your concerts and they will let you right on through without having to rummage through your stuff. Also, the holographic accents are definitely eye-catching and will make a statement really anywhere. This is also perfect to grab and go while going out with friends or family as it is small and convenient.

9. Promise You Gold Ring Set

In my personal opinion, gold jewelry was meant for any time of the year but especially summer! These shiny gold accessories can make such a statement with any outfit. Also, a ring set is so awesome because you can wear one ring or all the rings at a time depending on what you prefer. Rings are such an amazing accessory because it can truly transform an outfit no matter how small the ring is. Give these a go and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them.

10. Reese Grey Baseball Cap

Everyone needs a go-to cap to wear for days that you want to add something a little extra or maybe for those bad hair days. Either way, caps are such a great way to accessorize and this one is perfect for everyone. The color is so simple and the texture of the hat makes it look super cute. Also, if you want to show a more colorful side, the shop gives you more coloring options to fit you.

Shop Tobi is a great way to look the way you want without paying a ton of money for a good looking outfit. Because of the huge selection that they have, you are guaranteed to find something that you love. Visit the Shop Tobi website to find your new favorite fashion statements.


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