Top 10 Things People Are Most Afraid Of #AMonsterCalls

by Veronica Vivona

A Monster Calls hits theaters on December 23rd. It’s a film that is all about finding courage and facing fears! In honor of National Face Your Fears Day, we decided to dig deep on what we are all scared of! Fear is a feeling that we all hate to feel, but is inevitable.

Here is my list of the top ten things that people are most afraid of (so you don’t feel so alone about being fearful of these things):

The Dark

Nightlights were invented for a reason people! That business wouldn’t be around if people weren’t so scared of the dark! Yeah, a lot of it has to deal with wanting lights on in case you have to wake up in the middle of the night or something. But, let’s be real. Not being able to see in the dark makes us worry about the unknown, resulting in a large fear of the dark!


I once went to the Willis Tower in Chicago and stood in one of the boxes that was clear, showing you how far the fall would be if the box broke. It was so incredibly scary! I knew that I would be fine, but there’s something about being forced to recognize how high up you are that can freak you out! Fear of heights is a very common fear to have.


There’s something about the afterlife that scares people. Ghosts aren’t real… maybe? Either way, I think the fear comes from the fear of death. We don’t want to be forced to roam the earth once we die, but if we had to, we would be pretty mad about it! Ergo, ghosts are mad and scary and probably not real, but can be real and are super scary!

Public Speaking

We’ve all heard that advice of “just imagine everyone in their underwear” when we have to give a speech or something. (By the way, don’t do that. It’s bad advice.) Public speaking has been known to be the biggest fear for most people and it’s understandable! Who wants to be in the spotlight, having to talk, with everyone watching and judging you?

The Dentist

I personally don’t mind going to the dentist. It’s probably because I’ve had to become friends with my dentist due to the fact that no matter what I do, I always have cavaties that need to be filled. I understand the fear though. No one wants to be vulnerable in a moment where someone else is putting a drill into your mouth!


There is a spider that has been living on my balcony for about a month now. The spider’s web is huge! I don’t have the heart to swat it down, but when the spider gets close to me, I certainly get freaked out! Every time someone says they have a fear of spiders, I think of Ron Weasley in Harry Potter having to battle a giant spider and giant spider babies.

Thunder Storms

This is not just a fear for dogs! Thunder is loud which is why thunder storms are horrible for dogs with their superhero ears. A lot can happen during thunders storms including lightning strikes. Plus, like I said before, the sound is just so loud and can come out of nowhere!


Even the person who says they don’t care what anyone thinks about them is a liar. No one wants to feel unwanted. Rejection is such a harsh emotion and to feel that, it’s no wonder so many people have anxiety about putting themselves out there! Rejection is tough and a major fear for a lot of people!


Personally, I’m not scared of flying. But then, I was on a flight where I felt like I was on a rollercoaster. It was the worst turbulence of my life! I thought we weren’t going to make it! Flying is a fear that I think a lot of people with control issues have. You can’t control the flight, therefore you’re scared. (It also doesn’t help that you’re thousands of feet up in the air!)


My dad really wanted me to be a nurse for some reason. Besides that never being my calling, I wouldn’t have been able to do it because I hate everything about needles and blood! There’s something about the redness of blood that is just absolutely terrifying!

Fears are hard to overcome. In A Monster Calls, twelve year old Conor is dealing with a lot that most pre-teens don’t have to deal with. One night, a monster appears at his bedroom window. It takes a monster to help Conor learn all about courage! This shows that fears are completely psychological and sometimes, it takes help from an unlikely friend to show us the way! Make sure to check out A Monster Calls on December 23rd!

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