Top 5 Holiday Festivities in Branson, Missouri

by Ceanna Chapman
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Branson, Missouri has just about anything and everything you could imagine. It has endless amounts of live shows, race car tracks, outlet shopping malls and restaurants for days. However, when it comes to the holidays, Branson kicks it up a few notches. I have compiled a list of the top activities that are perfect to kick-start your holiday festivities! They are perfect to do solo, with friends, family, couples or in our case bloggers.

Silver Dollar City

If you are in town for only a couple of days, definitely head to Silver Dollar City. They have decorated the park with over 6.5 million Christmas lights. While visiting Silver Dollar City recently, I learned that many SDC season pass holders upgrade their passes solely because of this “light festival.” It is absolutely incredible. Throughout the park, the workers are dressed in holiday outfits, there are holiday shows and music and you can even find some festive food to eat! While I was visiting, I saw a version of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. During the evenings there is also a fun, lighted Christmas parade! To learn more about Silver Dollar City’s holiday hours and calendar, click here.

Showboat Branson Belle

The Showboat Branson Belle is a perfect activity for any age. The boat takes you on a tour around Table Rock Lake. During your tour, you receive a meal and a show. The cruise is roughly two hours and full of fun the entire time. During the holiday’s they have special Christmas shows. I always enjoy the shows on the Branson Belle because they perform songs I actually know and they involve the crowd.

Andy Williams Ozark Mountain Christmas Show

While Andy Williams is no longer with us, Jimmy Osmond is a fabulous host of the shows. According to their website, “Jimmy purchased the theatre from Andy’s family in 2014 so that he could honor Andy’s wishes and keep his legacy going.” The Andy Williams Ozark Mountain Christmas Show is stunning! This year they have also integrated an ice skating rink onto the stage. Crazy, right? That means the dancers are skating the whole time. I was absolutely shocked. It was beautiful! If you’re lucky, you will even see the Ozark Mountain Christmas Show with special performances by the Lennon Sisters! The performers, musicians and costumes were all great.

Branson Wheel

If you’ve seen this Ferris wheel, then you make recognize it from the Navy Pier in Chicago. That’s right! Branson has been lucky enough to adopt the iconic Ferris Wheel as their own. What is even more exciting and entertaining about the wheel is that, at certain times of the day, you can tune into a specific radio station and watch a light show that’s coordinated with the songs on the radio! Honestly, I am afraid of heights and Ferris Wheels so I almost chickened out. However, I rode the Branson Ferris Wheel and wasn’t scared at all! It was a fun ride. It didn’t move to fast and my gondola did not rock at all. I was very pleased.

GIANT Gingerbread Houses

We’ve all seen a regular sized gingerbread house, maybe even attempted to make them but, at the Chateau on the Lake, they have giant gingerbread houses. When I say giant, I mean that your cat or dog could probably live inside them. These houses are absolutely amazing. The houses are so huge that they have frames beneath all the candy and cookies to help hold everything up. What is most shocking is that the chefs who create these houses only need about a week to design and build them! The decorations range from cookie walls, Poptart sleds and more. You can look but you can’t touch… or eat 😉

Needless to say, Branson should be your first stop on the “Holiday Festivities Pump Up” list (because everyone has one, right?). If you’re worried about running out of fun, Christmas things to do, have no fear because Branson is definitely here and pulling all the stops. Prepare for Christmas songs, fruitcakes, Santa Clause and much, much more when you head to Branson, Missouri.

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