Top 5 Scary Movies for Halloween

We have the scoop on the best scary movies for Halloween.

1. Halloween

Halloween starts with a flash back to Halloween night 1963 when young Michael Myers slaughters his teenage sister, and his psychiatrist can’t seem to get through to him, but knows when he escapes just before Halloween 15 years later, things won’t be pretty.

2. Psycho

After a young woman steals money from work, she escapes to start a new life. She stops at Bates Motel, and taking a shower will never be the same again.

3. The Exorcist 

A mother calls upon two priests to perform an exorcism on her daughter, but will they be able to save her soul before the Devil gets a hold?

4. The Ring

A young journalist investigates into the mysterious deaths caused by watching a video tape, but can she watch it without dying?

5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A traveling group of friends fall prey to not just any family of killers, they’re cannibalistic, one of which is a crazy chainsaw wielding maniac.

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