Top 6 Gift Ideas For Him


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Take a look at some of these great gift ideas for him. Perfect for a birthday, or just a special treat!


Men love their gadgets. So why not get them something extra special and buy a tablet. There’s many to choose from so check out this guide here. Tablets are a great gift because he can have so much endless fun on one. It’s not something he’ll use once and then leave to collect dust!

A New Suit

We all love a man in a suit! Why not kit your man out in style and buy him a new designer suit. You’ll have to snoop around in his closet to find his measurements if you want to keep it secret. The best thing about this gift is that you clearly know his style better than him, so your choice will be the right one!

Guitar Lessons

Every man goes through that phase where they want to be in a band. They play Guitar Hero all day and suddenly want to be the next Eric Clapton. Getting your guy some guitar lessons is a great gift. It’s unique, and you get a guitar playing boyfriend out of it. You can even buy online guitar lessons from places like Jamplay. That way he can learn from the comfort of his home!

Sports Collectibles

Guaranteed to make you a very popular girlfriend! No doubt your guy has his favourite sport and team, so get him something collectible. There are tonnes of sports collectibles online for you to choose from. You can get limited edition jerseys, signed memorabilia and other cool stuff too. A gift like this is perfect for a sport obsessed boyfriend. Be warned, he may actually break down and cry out of pure joy!


So perhaps not the most glamorous of gifts, but still a good one. Don’t be fooled into thinking buying underwear is a lame gift. You’ll be surprised how many men welcome new underwear. You’ve probably found their ratty underwear and hole-filled socks in the laundry many a time. They just can’t seem to take care of them. But never go out and buy new ones themselves. Buying new underwear/socks can be a surprisingly popular gift to get your partner.

A New Chair

You probably read that and thought ‘how boring can you get?’ But hear me out. Your guy will usually have his favourite chair or ‘spot’ to sit on in the living room. That place he stays for hours on end watching TV/playing video games. He might even have his own man cave that he hides out in. Buy him a fancy new chair for him to use. I’m talking something good, recliner, comfy seats, maybe even cup holders in the armrests? If you get him a cool new chair to relax on, he’ll never stop thanking you. If you go one step further and get him a chair that gives massages, he might propose on the spot.

Gift buying for someone else is always fun. It’s just nice to see the look on their face when they open the present! Some of you might be a bit strapped for cash and looking for bargains. So check out this list of 10 Gifts Under $20.

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