Top Style Hacks To Help You Survive Fall

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Fall is a tough time of year for fashion. The temperatures fluctuate, rain falls unexpectedly, and it’s much harder to keep your skin flawless. Here are five top style hacks to help you – and your style – survive.


Let The Fashionistas Inspire You

Take a look at the catwalks and celebrities to see what’s big, and figure out how you can translate that to your own wardrobe. This year velvet was one of the hottest looks, featured on the runway by Victoria Beckham and Valentino, and it’s an easy look to use in everyday life. Try a velvet blazer that you can wear straight from the office out to dinner with your girlfriends. If you’re feeling brave you could go for a pleated velvet skirt in a rust or mustard colour.

Turn Summer Clothing Into Transitional Pieces

If you layer your clothing creatively, you can wear your summer clothing way into the colder months. Slip on some frilly socks before your favourite sandals or flats, put on a polo neck under your favourite dress, and wrap a blanket scarf around your shoulders. If your favourite jeans are frayed at the knees, wear some tights underneath them, and wear fleece-lined leggings under your summer skirt to stay cozy. You can dress up a sweatshirt by wearing it underneath a blazer, and remember that anything can be instantly brightened up with a slick of red lipstick and the right purse.

Make Investments In Your Clothing

Select two or three investment pieces each season. A good coat can see you through more than one winter, particularly if you choose a classic style. Chic navy will always work, or a khaki parka if your style is more casual. If you’re feeling wild, leopard print and fake fur will never go out of fashion. Choose a classic shirt dress that you can dress up with heels or down with boots. That way you can wear it with tights in the winter or bare legs and sandals in the summer, making it a perfect transitional piece. Also invest in a soft, patterned boyfriend cardigan – you can wear it with anything, from skinny jeans to flirty skirts.

Buy Some Good Boots

A lot of celebs have been spotted in over-the-knee boots, but they don’t always translate well to everyday street style. Instead, try out some ankle boots with chunky heels. For good weather days, velvet and fluffy boots and shoes are in, but if they’re too impractical for you, go with classic black leather or suede.

Keep Your Makeup On Point

The dewy glow was the hottest look this summer, but it’s harder to achieve in the winter when you spend a lot more time inside in artificial lighting instead of out in the fresh air under the sun. Make sure you use eye cream and night cream every night before you go to bed. In the morning, remember to use a moisturiser with a high SPF even if it doesn’t look particularly sunny outside. If necessary, swap your usual foundation for a lighter shade if you’ve lost your golden summer coloring. Use a highlighter on your face everywhere the light might hit – the top of your cheekbones, your brow bones, the bow of your lips – to make yourself glow. Finally, swap your summery pink lip colours for more wintry berry hues.

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