Top Tips To Finalize Your Destination Wedding Arrangements

Having a destination wedding is just a dream for some people. But if you’re determined to make it happen there is a lot to do. Just picking your ideal location for a wedding is tough enough. Then you have to convince all your friends and relatives to make the journey too. It’s not easy, but it is possible. Here are our top tips to help you make your dream destination wedding come true:

Go There

It’s important to see the venue in person before you commit thousands to it. Lots of people like a place because it feels right. A brochure doesn’t ever show the whole picture. Book your journey, and turn up unannounced to see your preferred venue. You could use it as a chance for a weekend getaway, or maybe an opportunity to spend some quality time with a loved one. Make a few notes, and take photos of the things you like most and the things you like the least. It will help you make a balanced choice.


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Find Accommodation

If you are traveling further afield for your destination wedding, it can be helpful for guests if you arrange their accommodation. Most wedding packages include a small number of rooms. You may be able to negotiate for more. It’s up to you to decide if you can afford travel costs for everyone as well. Get as much local information as you can about shops, convenience stores, bars and restaurants. This can help your guests make more of their time here.

Choose Local

When it comes to making your wedding work, you should choose local services. Florists need to be local, so the flowers don’t
perish. Choose one that has a good website with examples of bouquets you’re happy to replicate. Your photographer should be very familiar with the venue and local landscape, according to the
Weddings by JP website. It means the best angles for the light can be selected quickly, and the best options for a backdrop are chosen.


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Packing The Dress

When you choose a destination wedding, there is always a risk of losing or damaging the dress. Many brides try to take it as carry on, but it may be too big. You could choose a dress that is easier to pack in a single small bag. Alternatively, spend a little more on packaging, and send it ahead to be sure it has arrived before you leave home. Wearing it all the way isn’t really a practical option!


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Bringing It All Back

There are some things that won’t travel well, and other things that are not allowed back in your home territory from abroad. This is important to consider as you will undoubtedly want keepsakes from your big day. Cake, for example, is just not going to make it. Your bouquet and other flowers may even contain species that are not allowed in your home country. And all those gifts? It may be better to have a gift party when you get back.

A destination wedding offers you beautiful landscapes and venues you wouldn’t ordinarily have access to. Your wedding guest list may be smaller, but the photographs will be spectacular! Have a gorgeous destination wedding.

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