Top 8 Travel Apps You Need to Download

You’ve used your favorite flight finder app, scored a solid Airbnb and finally booked that trip you promised to put your tax return toward. Now to have the essential travel apps downloaded to make your adventure as smooth as a white sand beach in Tulum, or fresh snow in Vail. Below are this year’s top eight travel apps to have before you’re off…



Are you prone to leaving essentials behind and reliant on last-minute toiletries or (if you’re rock climbing) the proper harness? Luckily there is PackPoint to help avoid leaving key items behind. It’s as simple as specifying your destination and the parameters of your visit, then this nifty digital assistant informs what to bring and even recommends clothing based on the impending weather. Pretty sweet.


While posting to social media can be unavoidable when going somewhere as mundane as the grocery store, the act is practically involuntary when in a new, exciting place. Yet nothing can beat the authenticity of a traditional postcard. Postagram enables you to attach photos from your camera roll, Facebook album or Instagram account and customize a postcard you can edit on your smartphone. Then, off it’s sent for $0.99 in the U.S., or $1.99 for outside of the country.


Skip any fables surrounding how to overcome jetlag and download the Entrain to help keep your inner clock on track. Utilizing lighting schedules developed by researches at the University of Michigan, this app’s technique has been mathematically proven to get you synched up to new time zones by recording your lighting history— helping get you acclimated to a new position under the sun.


Of course you don’t want to anticipate getting sick or needing medication during your travels, but if you do happen to feel under the weather while trying to enjoy foreign climates, CVS has you covered. Their mobile app allows filling prescriptions on the go, shopping for vitamins or other essentials, ordering photo prints of your unfolding adventure and even helps find surrounding minute clinics. Hopefully the latter feature isn’t needed!


If you’re not in the mood to turn a new city’s public transit system into a corn maze, use CityMapper to be the commuting maven you are at home no matter where you visit. Providing simplified routes, traffic updates and even weather diversions, this is one the rare travel apps that will have you navigating like you’re holding the key to your destination city.


Planning on riding in style while vacationing? Unfortunately we haven’t advanced beyond gasoline yet so it’s still a must, especially when road tripping or renting cars along the way. The minds behind Gasbuddy have come up with a way to show users a map of gas stations and corresponding prices, as well as a search tool to find the cheapest pumps — ultimately helping you from getting gouged!


Italian in origin and therefore respectively art and fine dining focused, Musement lets you search local venues and events based on the city specified, as well as provides a specially curated list of museums, art exhibits, restaurants and bars allowing you to book right on the app with certain venue partnerships. If used to its full potential, each night away could turn into getaway masterpieces with this swanky app.


No need to compromise your healthy diet while traveling away from home. Healthyout makes sure you aren’t reaching for the quickest fried, fat-laden items just because you’re in an unfamiliar place. The app locates healthy restaurants based on an input of specifications including calories, nutrition tags, paleo and more. You may even come home in better shape after using this bad boy.

Pack that bag, download the above and take on the next journey with open hearts, eyes and travel apps! The world awaits.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of CVS.  However, all opinions are my own.

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