How to Care for Your Furry Friend

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Fur babies have become essential parts of people’s lives.  Make no bones about it; pets have become an extension of the immediate family!  With Pet Appreciation Week complete at Tractor Supply this is a great time to talk about the best ways to keep your pet happy and healthy!



I am currently a cat mommy.  I adopted my sweet little Maxwell after he was found dehydrated by a ditch as a baby kitten.  He has been so sweet and with my busy schedule a cat is the perfect pet for me.

Life can often get crazy busy, but all pet owners need to remember that our furry friends rely on us for everything—food & water, shelter, exercise, grooming, and companionship.



If you are considering getting a dog or already have one remember that proper training has the power to build a strong bond between you and your animal, and as you make progress, you’ll notice your pet beginning to look at you a bit differently. Engaging in enrichment activities for your pet, like training and exercise to play is also a great way to get your family involved, and they’ll get the benefit of seeing firsthand how an animal learns. Caring and loving your pet can bring great joy and fulfillment to your life! A healthy pet is a happy pet!

Now, when it comes to providing your pet with basic necessities, I like to go to one-stop-shops like Tractor Supply. From pet food to pet care, they have you covered.  The just finished up hosting Pet Appreciation Week.

I was able to get some 4health cat food for Maxwell.  He seriously loved it.  I haven’t changed his food in years.  He’s a picky eater and will scream and cry if I buy him food he doesn’t like.  I was so happy when he ate every last piece I poured in to his bowl.




Available exclusively at Tractor Supply, 4health has something to satisfy your dog or cat’s needs in every life stage. It includes a full line of premium dry and wet dog and cat food, dog biscuits and treats formulated specifically to give your pets the nutrition they need with the flavors they crave. That means meat is the # 1 ingredient with no added fillers like wheat, corn or soy.

Now that we have food covered, let’s talk about pet health.  The high cost of veterinary care is something that hinders many pet owners from taking their animals in for basic check ups and health problems. But there is no excuse with the PetVet Clinic at Tractor Supply.  It not only encourages responsible pet ownership but it provides pet owners an affordable option for pet health.

Over half of the stores have the PetVet clinic in their locations at least once a month and provides services that can save pet owners up to 70% off the cost of yearly vaccinations for their dog, cat, puppy or kitten. They use only the safest, brand name veterinary pharmaceutical products and every clinic is staffed with State licensed veterinarians that offer great services like comprehensive vaccine packages & diagnostic testing, vaccines, deworming and flea/tick medications. Find a PetVet clinic for you at

Don’t forget to stop by Tractor Supply for your one stop pet shop.  Not only is it amazing store, but they are making a huge difference in the world of furrrrrever homes. More than 1,300 pets found forever homes at last year’s Pet Appreciation Week.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  However, I only work with brands I truly believe in. All opinions are and always will remind my own. 

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