Travel Adventures You can Take A Date On

If you are tired of the average movie and dinner date your partner keeps on planning, try something different next date day. Take a travel adventure with your partner to somewhere new and exciting. Or, somewhere you went together along time ago. I want to bring the excitement back into the dating world and also the fun. Even if you are going on a first date with someone who you have just met, you can offer to take them on one of these trips.

Visit A Theme Park

If you are sure your partner or new fling does not have motion sickness issues, why not visit a theme park? I know that theme parks are being hit by the media lately, but the good ones still provide fun days out for couples. It does not matter where you live, I guarantee there is a theme park close enough to take a date to. Although, I do offer two pieces of cautious advice. First, beware of water rides. When they say you will get wet, YOU WILL GET WET, and your date may not appreciate this. It could lead to a rather unpleasant car ride home. Second, even the rides aimed at children can have enough of a jolt to lead to questionable feelings in your stomach.

Early Morning Rise

If you are not quite brave enough to offer your date the chance to go to a theme park, you could make things a little simpler. You can wake up early, around 5am in the morning and take the one you like to watch the sunrise in a romantic location. I recommend sitting down by a river or climbing a nearby hill. However, I do not advise you try this as a surprise for your partner. They may not appreciate being woken up in the early hours on one of their only days off. If you want it to be truly special, for just two hundred pounds you can book your own hot air balloon and have a private flight over your chosen location.

A Trip To The Beach

It is the middle of the summer so we cannot miss the opportunity to remind you to enjoy the sun and the golden sands while they last. You will miss them in the winter so to truly appreciate them, take your date on a beach trip. Pack a blanket, your bathing suit and a picnic for a romantic afternoon together on the sand.

Imagine You Are A Tourist


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The fact is that you do not have to travel anywhere to have an adventure with your date. You can simply pretend that you are not familiar with the area. You will be amazed the new and exciting experiences that can be found just outside your front door once you start looking for them. For instance, I bet a band is playing right now in your local city that you have never heard of but your date may love.

Sneak On To Private Property

Finally, a bit risky this one, but it certainly makes for an evening your date will never forget. We recommend that you find the location of a private outdoor pool and wait for it to be left unguarded. Then, take your date for a swim in the evening. The sense of danger will definitely add to the excitement and at the very least, guarantee you a second date.

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