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This is a post dedicated to all those sweet fellas out there looking to do something even sweeter for their sweethearts—whew, that was a lot of sweet in one sentence! Whether the lady in your life is a chocolate lover or she prefers to hunker down on some savory snacks, you’ll find some great suggestions for surprise treats that will make her day, no matter the occasion.

The Seminal Classic

Say it with me guys—every girl deserves chocolate. Unless you’re dating or married to one of the rare breed of women who don’t enjoy the melt in your mouth decadence of a nice piece of chocolate, you’re golden when you select any gift containing this treat. If you’d like to give it a healthy spin, consider buying your lady some chocolate dipped berries. Juicy and covered in your choice of chocolates, sprinkles, and what-have-yous, this is a gift you’ll want to devour yourself, guys!

Get the Kids in the Kitchen

Moms love homemade gifts—I’m pretty sure it’s written somewhere in the unofficial mom rulebook—and if you have kids, then why not combine a sweet treat with a homemade present from her little ones? Spend an afternoon in the kitchen with the kids concocting a sweet treat you know she’ll love. More than just the dessert surprise, she’ll love that you spent time with the kids putting this together and they will love being involved in a fun gift idea for mom. Extra points if you can do it without her knowledge and surprise her with it.

A Night In

Instead of forcing her to get dressed up for the played out restaurant date, treat her to a night in with some delicious fare. Leave work a few hours early to get everything set up. Order her favorites from the best restaurant in town, bring them home, and re-plate them on your nicest dishes. Pull out a tablecloth, light some candles, and send the kids to their grandparents for the evening. She’ll be shocked when she walks through the door after work and you’ll have a romantic night in that she never saw coming.

A Wino’s Reprieve

If your wife or girlfriend enjoys sipping on a nice glass of wine, consider a sweet treat that plays to her grape sensibilities. You can sign her up for a monthly wine delivery, and each month get excited gushes of thanks when she receives her bottles at the front door. Or, for a more romantic treat idea, take her on a day of wine tasting. You can go for the day or stay overnight and have a fun time sampling the best cabernets, merlots, and pinots available.

A Personal Bed and Breakfast

Is there anything better than the smell of bacon in the morning? If your wife is a breakfast lover, surprise her with a lovely breakfast in bed—the most important meal of the day served in cozy covers sounds like the recipe for paradise to me. You can make a full on breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes—whatever her favorite is, that’s your answer. If you don’t have time to cook or don’t want to wake her up banging around pots and pans, you can pick up bagels or donuts and pair it with her favorite coffee. Do your best to wake up early without disturbing her, and bring all of your breakfast goodies in on a tray fit for a queen. Top it off with a single rose in a vase, and prepare for tears of happiness because she will definitely be impressed.

For the Worker Bee

If your wife works long hours in a stressful environment and you know she’s having a rough day, the tiniest effort can turn her mood around. Ask her to make sure she’s at her desk at a certain lunch time, and show up to her office with food in tow. You can have lunch together and give her a break from the humdrum of work. If you’re unable to personally deliver the food, utilize a service like Door Dash that can pick up dishes from a variety of restaurants and fast food joints. She won’t know what hit her when her nose picks up the scent of that delicious curry she loves or she chomps into the world’s most perfect sandwich from her favorite bistro.

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