Trends We Love for Fall

Fall is almost here and I cannot wait! It is easily the best time of year and especially for fashion. During fall, one day you can wear a cute dress without tights and the next day you need about three layers and a scarf, hat and gloves. One day you’ll want to be outside picking apples and the next you want stay in and watch Halloween movies on Netflix. Dressing during this season can be tricky, but also so much fun. So what are the trends we love for fall?


Olive Leather!



Boots are worn year round, but fall is when you can begin wearing a variety again after summers filled with ankle boots. They are perfect shoe that can go with any outfit in any kind of weather.

Chunky Sweaters

Depending on what you pair your sweaters with, they can go from extremely casual and cozy to dressy with just a change of shoes and accessories.

All Things Fall


Scarves and knitted caps

A fall essential that can keep you warm, but can also be a major part of your outfit.

Anorak jackets

These lightweight jackets keep you warm on chilly days and it also form fitting if you get the ones with the drawstring or belted waist.

High top sneakers

Yes, we do wear these year round, but they look so cute with a leather pants and an oversized sweater.

Fall Look



If people aren’t sporting flannel shirts by the time October hits, then that means fall is cancelled. This is a classic look that can be worn in the casual intended way or you can wear it as a lightweight jacket.


Leather has made a huge comeback in recent years and I’m starting to see why. It worn correctly it can make any outfit seem more put together weather it’s leather pants, leggings, shorts or skirts.


Denim is always a fashion staple, but even more so this season with jean skirts making a surprising comeback that I’m still not sure we truly approve of.


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Faith is a senior at Ramapo College studying global communication and media. When she’s not writing a paper (which is rare), she is watching a lot of Netflix and caring way too much about celebrities. She loves fashion, wishes the WB still existed, and has an extensive DVD collection full of rom coms and teen movies that everyone was jealous of in 2008.

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