Tria Blogger Review Program: First Treatment


triabeautyHey everyone! As I told you a while back, I am part of the Tria Blogger Review Program.  I can’t believe I forgot to update you on my first treatment.  Let me give you a quick recap of my experience with the Tria Blogger Review Program: First Treatment.  It was definitely surprising.  I don’t know what I expected to feel.  I was shocked at how odd the feeling was, its like a sting!! I used it on my legs.  It is quite uncomfortable.  I mean the laser heats the pigment in the hair follicle hot enough to damage it, so that’s what you feel.

For my first treatment I was only able to do a 1, occasionally I was brave enough to move up to a 2.  The feeling is strange and since this was the first time I had used it I was a little reluctant to let myself tolerate pain.  However, when it was over I really didn’t feel much of anything.  Hoping for less hair and to move up a level or two for my next treatment.  I’ll keep you updated!

Does anyone else have any experience with laser hair removal?

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