Tune In: MTV Every Night of the Week

You no longer have to worry about there being nothing on television at night! Trust us, MTV has got you covered for every night of the week this summer. Starting this week, MTV will have a solid line-up of all new seasons of all of your favorite MTV shows.

On Monday nights at 10 p.m. you can meet up with your favorite wolf pack in brand new episodes of “Teen Wolf!” While it is currently in the middle of the second season, you can catch up with the Beacon Hills crew on MTV.com. Plus, they even have an interactive Facebook game that you can play during the week to fill in the void between new episodes. In the game you get to interact with Scott, Stiles, and all of your favorite characters as if you are actually part of the show! You can start playing by visiting TeenWolfTheHunt.com.

On Tuesday nights you can catch new episodes of “Teen Mom” at 10 p.m. The new season just started and follows your favorite teen moms Catelynn, Amber, Maci, and Farrah on their final season. This season has already proved to be jam-packed with drama and adorable babies!

Starting last Wednesday at 10 p.m. a brand new season of the “Real World” began. This season the “seven strangers” are shipped off to St. Thomas. (How lucky are they?! We want to go to St. Thomas!) As with every season of the “Real World,” we are excited to see the drama, friendships, romances, and all of the fights that are bound to occur.

Thursday nights are quite exciting for MTV. Starting at 10 p.m. you can watch your two favorite “Jersey Shore” girls on their brand new show “Snooki and JWOW!” The dynamic duo moved in together to film the series. With a pregnant Snooki, this show is sure to be just as chaotic as you would imagine–if not more! We can’t wait to see what happens next with the two best friends!

Following “Snooki and JWOW” is the brand new season of “Awkward” that premiered last Thursday at 10:30 p.m. This season is going to be more awkward than ever before with Jenna, Matty, Jake, and the rest of the characters. We are patiently waiting to see which boy Jenna is going to pick. Are you “Team Matty” or “Team Jake?” They’re both so cute; it’s so hard to decide!

This summer is going to be an amazing one for television and MTV. With brand new seasons and shows, it’s going to be hard to actually go out at night! Never again will you have to complain that there is nothing on TV during the weeknights. MTV never fails to disappoint us!

What MTV show are you most excited about watching this summer?

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