TV Characters We Want To Be Friends With

We all watch television shows and wish that our lives could be like the ones we see on the screen, right? It’s no surprise that we end up falling in love with the storyline, setting, and characters on our favorite shows. In fact, sometimes we find ourselves wishing that those characters could be our real-life friends! Here are some familiar faces from popular TV shows who we wish we could call our BFF:

Caroline Forbes from “The Vampire Diaries” is one girl that we wish we could say we were friends with. Her love all things girly and shopping related could make her a great partner to hit up the mall with, and her strong desire to protect her friends would assure us that she would have our back in a bad situation. Plus, she’s a vampire! She could totally take down anyone with just one bite, and we would feel quite secure having Caroline around.


Mega-hottie Caleb Rivers from “Pretty Little Liars” is our next pick for a potential BFF. This tech-savvy guy is ready and willing to help out all of the girls, not just his girlfriend. Caleb proves to be a completely reliable friend to everyone that he cares about, which is something that we should all look for in a person. Plus, it would be cool to tote a cutie like him around wherever we went!

Lydia Martin from “Teen Wolf” is definitely someone that we would love to call our friend. Someone with such an awesome fashion sense must have an even more awesome closet that we would totally raid! Besides her stylish nature, Lydia is also extremely intelligent and would be able to help us out if we had questions on our homework. She is always ready for anything, and we want to go on crazy supernatural adventures with her.


Just because “Lizzie McGuire” isn’t on the air anymore doesn’t mean that we can forget Gordo! This curly-haired guy was the best friend that Lizzie could ever ask for, offering her advice on any topic that she needed to talk about. He always made sure that Lizzie was okay and tried to cheer her up whenever she felt down. Remember when Lizzie broke up with her boyfriend and Gordo came to her rescue? So sweet! A guy like this is definitely one that we would like to keep close in our circle of friends.

Are you bummed that these characters aren’t your real-life friends? We are, too. Who else are you dying to befriend from your favorite show?


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    • Katrien
    • November 7, 2012

    First of all, I love your article.
    I’d like to be friends with the entire Teen Wolf cast, of course.

    Matt Lanter from 90210 is such an amazing actor,who wouldn’t want to be friends with him? 🙂

    I love Rachel Bilson from The OC and Hart of Dixie. She’s so much fun!

    • Sarah
    • November 8, 2012

    I love Rachel Bilson, too!

      • Sarah
      • November 8, 2012

      P.S. Great article Amanda! 🙂

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