The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again and if you’re like me, you stress out a little bit trying to come up with fun and creative gifts for Father’s Day. My dad does so much for my family and I would love to give him something he really would enjoy, but being a girl can leave me clueless as to what I should get for the #1 guy in my life. After some intense brain storming and researching, I came up with a list of 7 items I think any guy would love to get on Father’s Day.  Check it out!

1. Van Der Hagen Luxury Boar Shave Set

When it comes to shopping for guys, a cute cat calendar or fuzzy socks just won’t cut it.  They need some practical. A gift like the Van Der Hagen Luxury Boar Shave Set is especially great because you know they will be using it anyway, but also has the added “luxuriousness” to it, too. Girls aren’t the only ones who enjoy pampering themselves!

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2. Meat Claws

My dad is a huge fan of grilling and smoking meats and my all-time favorite is his pulled pork. YUM. When I saw these I knew I had to add them to the list.  These meat claws (what a name, haha!) are extremely inexpensive but a great gift for the dad who likes to barbecue. It makes it so much easier to shred meat– way easier than using the two-fork maneuver!

To purchase this item on Amazon, click here.

3. Maker’s 46 Bourbon

When it comes to shopping for guys, you can’t go wrong with a classic bourbon. The Maker’s 46 is a fully matured Maker’s Mark with bigger, bolder flavors of vanilla, oak and caramel. For a true bourbon aficionado, this expression retains those signature front-of-the-palate flavors fans have to come love, with a bit more complexity. Kick back and sip on this when celebrating Dad this  year.

You can purchase this item here.

4. Mullan Road Cellars Red Wine Blend

If your dad is less of a whiskey fan and more of a wine connoisseur like some men I know in my life, you just can’t go wrong with the Mullan Road Cellars Red Wine Blend. Like father like son, Dennis Cakebread was inspired by his father’s unconventional approach to winemaking when he decided to take on another project. The result: exploring a new, somewhat unfamiliar region in Washington state.

He’s created a beautifully balanced Bordeaux blend called Mullan Road Cellars from Walla Walla. Inspired by adventure and discovering new frontiers, this wine was named after Lieutenant John Mullan, who led the group that paved the first wagon road into the Pacific Northwest through the Rocky Mountains in the late 1850’s. Sounds super manly, right? You’re dad will be sure to love it!

You can buy this wine online right here.

5. Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener

I personally find this gift adorable. It’s manly but also really cute and exciting for the one purchasing it!  It is rugged and convenient at the same time, making me picture a beautiful afternoon picnic featuring this awesome Wooden Beer Caddy from Uncommon Goods.  Stock it up with a nice assorted beer and you’ve got yourself a perfect Father’s Day!

You can find this item here.

6. Kegerator Growler Kit

I love this so much that I want one for myself!  This Kegerator Growler Kit can literally be used for anything. Camping? Growler.  Picnic? Growler. Hiking? Growler. Too lazy to repeatedly fetch yourself another beer? Put it all in the Growler at one time and you’re all set.  This really is just like a mini keg and while its super convenient and fun, it also cracks me up. It holds 64 ounces of whatever you like and keeps carbonated beverages fresh for up to one week! What?! Awesome.

Purchase here.

7. Sportula

Another manly and useful tool are these Sportulas.  For the part dad/part pit-master, you’ll make his time slaving away at the barbecue even more enjoyable.  This fun and affordable gift comes in just about any sports team you could want- college, professional and even military.

Click here to buy this item.

I hope these gift ideas can make your dad feel extra loved this Father’s Day.  If not for this year, it looks like you have Christmas and birthdays covered, too!

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