Unbreakable Rules When You’re Adding Antique Decor To Your Home

It’s no wonder that antique decor is so popular at the moment. After all, it’s beautiful yet quirky, attractive yet unique. These are qualities that many of us want our homes to offer. It also offers a nice change from those show-home style homes we see so much of. Plain walls, chrome furniture, and a single potted plant can look great. But it might not be even close to the look you’re going for if you want a home that feels genuine, lived-in and authentic. With this in mind, read on for three unbreakable rules for adding antique decor to your home.

Antique Decor

Rule 1: There is no authenticity in brash and bright wall colors

If you want to create an authentic feel to a room you are filling with antique decor, you must stick to this rule. Absolutely no brashly colored walls! That means no lime green living room, no neon orange kitchen. Why? Because this kind of paint, and this kind of color of paint, simply wasn’t around when your antique items were being designed, made and bought. They will not compliment each other, and you could end up with a very weird looking room or home instead! You want all of your little pieces and items and investments to live somewhere where they can be showed off in their best light. Drenched in the glow of a four neon fuschia walls is not that place!

Rule 2: Antique shops are the best place to find decor items

Okay, this one is a semi-rule! You can find some gorgeous antiquey looking items in everyday stores. However, the fact is, these items are mass produced. A lot of the appeal of buying and having antique things in your home is that you have a one off. There is also a lot of joy in having a special story behind an item. Somebody asks where you got that vintage, leather suitcase from; you want to say ‘an incredible antique market…!’

That being said, there will be some occasions when buying non-antique antique items is wiser. A prime example of this is with fixtures and fittings. Take a lampshade. Back then, lampshades wouldn’t have been made to such high health and safety standards as today. You may hang a gorgeous lampshade from the ceiling, but what if it falls down? It could damage the item itself, any tables or items below it- and even a person. Happily, you can find Antique Decorative Fixtures online that you know you can trust. For anything that could cause a lot of damage if it broke, buy mimicking items.

Rule 3: The finishing touches are just as important as everything else

You will probably spend a lot of time and money and effort on the bigger items in your home. This makes sense; after all, these may also be the most expensive ones. But never underestimate the importance of finishing touches. So, serve tea in genuine antique mugs, and add a distressed finish to anything you paint. These tiny things can make a huge difference to the authenticity of the room or home.

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