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Shopping is something fashionable women do a lot of, but wouldn’t it be easier if you could spend less money? Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way. These tips will help you find stylish clothes for a lot less money, or even free!

Tip 1: Raid Your Family Members Closet

This may be my best tip, so listen closely. A lot of people save clothes and accessories, hoping one day they will come back in style. A lot of times, once it comes back in style, they’re too old to wear the clothes. So, why not ask if you can raid they’re closet and take some old clothes off their hands? This is an easy and FREE way to find great vintage clothing and accessories! I’ve found some of my favorite items in my grandmother’s closet.

Tip 2: Flea Markets

You must remember with flea markets, one man’s trash, is another’s treasure. Yeah, a lot of people are selling their old junk hoping to make an easy buck, but it’s really a great way to find some awesome steals! You will almost always find great vintage jewelry at a flea market and a lot of flea markets will sell knock-off designer bags. Just dig through the piles of “junk” to find your “treasure.”

Tip 3: Consignment Shops, Vintage Stores, & Thrift Stores

The beauty of consignment shops is that you’ll get money back for your old clothes if you bring them in to sell in good condition. This way you can spend the money you earn from selling. Don’t let the stigma of “used clothes” gross you out because that’s just silly! Don’t forget about being able to use a washing machine. Vintage and thrift stores are great, but you must remember you’re paying less money because it’s not in pristine condition. You must be OK with a little stain or a ripped thread, but be open minded to fixing it on your own. I find I get the most compliments on an outfit when I’m wearing something found at a thrift store.

Tip 4: Use Websites for Good Deals

Websites like Ideeli, Hautelook, Gilt Groupe, Rue La La, and Beyond the Rack are amazing to find designer clothes for less than half the price. All you need to do is sign up with your email address and then the sales are yours to find!


Don’t ever pass up a coupon! I know this is an obvious tip, but people often tend to forget about coupons and/or opt not to use them. Coupons are free money! The best way to take advantage of a coupon is by using it on a sale item. This way you will get the most money off of your purchase.

Hopefully these tips will work for you and you will find some great unique finds!

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