Five Unique Ways to Treat Your Mom on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is the one day of the year set aside for the mothers in our lives. (For all that they do, moms probably deserve a lot more!) Whether you see and/or talk to your mom every day or just a few times a year, there are plenty of things you can do to show your appreciation! For all that they have done, our moms deserve to feel special. Here are a few creative tips on how you can make this mother’s day one your mom will never forget:

Have a Grown Up Tea Party

Tea parties can be more than just for five years olds and their stuffed animals. There are so many ways to make a tea party grown up! There are lots of different types of tea out there. My favorite is peppermint, but orange also tastes delicious! Set out a table lined with a pretty tablecloth. You can probably find some (real or fake) pretty china tea cups at any local store that also sells coffee mugs. If you want to go the extra mile, you can find a recipe for tea cookies to make from scratch. It’s okay too if you just buy some from the store. Imagine how happy your mom would be to walk in and see a tea party all done up, just for her!

Get Pedicures

Even if your mom isn’t usually into the idea of treating herself, I can promise you that she would love a pedicure. Pedicures are great because it’s relaxing, plus the nail polish always lasts forever! Take your mom out for a pedicure. Most nail salons have different options on types of pedicures. If you are short on cash, there are cheaper types of pedicures that still do the trick! If you are willing to splurge though, there are some nice perks that come along with the more expensive treatments! (Make sure to make a reservation in order to avoid wait times.)

Go On a Shopping Spree

This idea is inspired by my own mom. My mom loves to take go shopping! It doesn’t even matter if she is the one paying or not. Just the act of going shopping makes her happy. If your mom is the same way, suggest going on a shopping spree with her! And it might not matter if you can pay for all the stuff she picks out. It’s the experience that is usually the most fun part about shopping, not the stuff. And if you are feeling like you should still cover for some of the costs, maybe you could pay for the coffee you get while at the mall. What’s a good shopping day without a large coffee in hand?

Take On the Town

A lot of our moms aren’t as involved in the social parts of our lives. Maybe mother’s day can be the time to change that! Take your mom out to your favorite restaurant or bar. Is there a comedy club that you go to in your city? Or maybe a music venue? Might as well try it out! It will make her feel special that a place you share with your friends, you are now sharing with her. Is there are club that you go to with your girlfriends sometimes? Try taking your mom there! Worst case scenario, if it doesn’t work out, you can just go out for ice cream instead.

Do What Your Mom Wants to Do

This one can be more difficult than it sounds. Sometimes our moms are so used to putting everyone else first; they don’t realize you are trying to be nice when you say you’re going to do what they want to do. If you can’t get a straight answer from your mom, then take some time and think of what is specific to her that she will enjoy. If your mom likes gardening and flowers, take her to an arboretum! If she is into food, take her to a cookie class or have your own cooking exploration at home! If your mom just simply likes spending time with you, find a place to go where you two can just sit and talk! Remember that your mom is an individual, just like you!

Our moms are special. They work so hard and do so much for us! It’s more than fair for us to make sure their mother’s day is a special one! So, try your best and just remember to put your mom first. No matter what you end up doing, she’ll appreciate all your effort!

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