Update Your Vintage Style

No matter the season, there is always a decade that our generation chooses to go back to. While I love to embrace the looks of the past as much as the next fashionista, we walk a thin line between looking fashion conscious and looking outdated. Here are a few ways to keep your fun, vintage style updated and modern.


IMG_7514Flower Power

Flowers are always a staple in the spring and summer, and floral patterns almost never go out of style. Use this to your advantage! Adding old-fashioned florals to a modern maxi skirt or jumpsuit are the perfect way to give fashion forward pieces a vintage flair.

Mix and Match

Mix modern pieces with vintage pieces instead of creating outfits from just one or the other. Wearing second hand pieces can be fun, but not if they are covering your whole body. Mix a thrift store dress with a modern bag and pair of shoes to keep your style steal updated.

Be Color Concious

Second hand stores and your mother’s closet can sometimes provide you with hidden gems from the past, but you have to make sure those gems have been polished and taken care of! Stay away from faded or stained fabrics. They immediately age you, no matter how great the piece once was!     

It’s All In the DetailsIMG_7610

Sometimes, a touch of vintage is all you need to transform a look. Adding simple bow details to shoes and hair accessories can add a feminine, 1950’s edge to an outfit, while keeping it from overpowering the whole ensemble.


Lace It Up (and I’m not talking about shoes)

Any popular clothing store you walk into is bound to embrace the vintage trend, and that means lots of lace detailing. Pairing these sweet lace pieces with harsher, more current pieces keeps them from looking too boring or old. Try a leather jacket overtop a lace dress or skirt.

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