Upgrade Your Winter Look To Become An Ethereal Beauty

Many people believe summer to be the prime time for fashion expression, but we’d argue that’s a limited viewpoint to have. Your winter look can act just as strongly to define you as an ethereal beauty, and that magic-like quality is only achievable when trimmed with an icy, chilly or snowy backdrop. Adding additional layers and more natural tones to your look allows you to go for that subtle style, and allows you to take risks you may not have pulled off well in summer.

With this in mind, we’d like to offer some fashionista tips to help you achieve your gorgeous, magical and ethereal autumn/winter look. Just start here:


The time for you to try new hair coloring has arrived! Not only do the dark winter tones allow you to experiment with your look, but almost every color can go well. A dark brunette helps you look earthy, rustic, and vibrantly authentic. A silver blonde helps you achieve that beautiful ice-queen look, while auburn brings out the rose-tinted leave color, punctuating your surroundings with a gorgeous and season appropriate style. However, the cold can sometimes be damaging for the hair, and dying can only lead to extra maintenance. Brazilian hair extensions or wigs are made from authentic and genuine sources, and can help you volumize, lengthen and thicken your beautiful mane, helping you look simply stunning this season.


This is your time for added frill. Why not purchase a faux-leather and faux-fur coat for when you’re truly feeling sassy? Fur shoulder pads are big this winter, as evidenced by the recent New York fashion show. Belting coats help give them a new, refined look, while also bringing the added benefit of padding your layers tighter, therefore keeping you warmer. Who said fashion was never practical?


A solid scarf is a great way to express yourself. You can get away with zany patterns such as paisley or other spiritual design. Keep the rest of your outfit relatively understated, and this beautiful implement can really steal the show. Thick woollen scarves are the warmest to wear of course, but never turn your nose up at a silk neck ruffler. They can look simply stunning, and help bring some of that 50’s winter chic to your wardrobe. You’re sure to be complimented on it.


Tying your outfit together with bold jewellery can look wonderful in winter. The days are darker, and the clouds are overcast, meaning that any shine you bring to your outfit will be even more emphasized. Here you might experiment with a new watch from a beautiful retailers. Gold or rose gold watches which a silver band running through the middle are the new hot topic, but this is where you can match the theme of winter with your outfit in more noticeable ways. A snowflake necklace or thinly interwoven and banded rings helps you emulate the nature around you, helping you seem more in theme and up to date than ever.

With these tips, you are sure to look winter fresh.


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