The Ups and Downs Of Cycling For Fitness

by Sarah Ruhlman
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There can be a lot of ups and downs when you choose cycling for fitness  Especially if you are going through hilly terrain! However, in all seriousness, it is always wise to think about the positives and negatives before you take this sport up as a hobby. Luckily, this is just what the post does below.

Good: For Aerobic Exercise

To start with it’s worth noting that cycling is an excellent form of exercise. This is true no matter what type it is too, including mountain biking, road biking, and even static bikes in the gym.

The reason for this is that it takes a combination of balance and bodywork through the legs to get the bike to move forward. This is such go exercise because the legs contain the largest muscles in the body, so to move them we must consume more calories and breathe more rapidly increasing our heart rate. Something that means riding a bike is as good for fitness as it is for weight loss.

Of course, you can also go really extreme if you want an additional challenge and do routes that are challenging such as mountain paths or take a spin class or two in the gym. An activity designed to burn the maximum of calories possible.

Bad: Have To Deal With The Weather

An issue that many people don’t like with cycling is the fact that if you are doing it out of doors, you have to be prepared to deal with bad weather. Of course, this does depend on the location that you live in, as some folks are lucky enough to have sunshine year round! Something that makes it a lot easier to take up cycling as a fitness exercise or hobby.

However, even if you’re not blessed with such constant sunshine, you can still get out there and ride your bike. All you need is some waterproof protective clothing like the items here. Just makeup that all your lights and brakes are working well if you are going out when the weather is terrible, like riding in the wet can be more dangerous than on a dry road.

Good: Gets You Outdoors

Despite the issue that as a cyclist you will have to deal with less than perfect weather sometimes, the fact that it is a sport that can be done outside is a huge boon to lots of people.

Get your vitamin D level boost on a bike.

After all, it is well known that we need a certain amount of vitamin D for our bodies to work properly, and moods to be stable. This is a vitamin that we get from exposing the skin to natural sunlight. Something that means getting out and about on a bike is good for your health in more ways than one.

It’s also worth remembering that being outside in nature and riding through picturesque scenery is something that can do our mental health a world of good. Add this to the fact that physical exercise stimulates the production of endorphins and you can see what many people are a quite addicted to the past time.

Bad: Risks To Safety and Injury

Although, that is not to say that cycling is not without its risks. In fact, there are many dangers associated with this sport. In particular, muscles tears in the hamstrings and calves are common injuries from even the most normal and uneventful ride. These can be particularly painful too and can stop you riding until they are healed. Leading some cyclists to perform warm-up routine like this to minimize the risk.

There is also the injuries that can befall you if you take a tumble and come off of the bike. This is the main reason that cyclists now wear helmets, as these protect them from a more severe head injury that they may be vulnerable to if they hit the pavement or another vehicle.

Unfortunately, such injuries care often occur due to the negligence of another vehicle on the road.  Something you can talk to firms like Hausmann-McNally personal injury lawyers about, to see whether you have a case to be reviewed in court. After all, if you are in pain and prevented from doing your beloved hobby, all because of the error of someone else on the road you would expect to receive some help to get your back on your feet, and pedals again.

Good: Easy To Fit Into Your Life

An additional strong reason why cycling for fitness is so popular is that it can easily be fit into your life. This may be in the form of cycling to and from work every day instead of driving or getting the train. You may even get family and friends to explore the location you live in by riding out altogether on the weekend. Something that means you can combine physical fitness activities with quality family time, as well as helping to set others up in an exercise routine.

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