Valentine’s Day Gifts He Actually Wants…

by Sarah Scoop
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I truly believe men are more difficult to shop for than women especially for Valentine’s Day.  We don’t want to give an overly sentimental gift that he won’t appreciate the same way we would (something tells me my boyfriend wouldn’t be pleased with an oversized teddy bear sitting in his apartment.)  After years of dating, and maybe even figuring out what guys like, I’ve managed to compile a list of gifts dudes might actually want on V-Day.  So stick to this guide and be the best #WCW ever!

  1. This leather watch from Skagen is perfect!  A timeless piece (no pun intended) paired with function and style.
  2. Again we see function and fashion with this iPhone 7  Plus Case & Wallet. It’ll keep him organized and looking good!
  3. These humorous boxer briefs are a light hearted way of saying, “I love you” to that special someone in your life.
  4. Most men I know are all about practicality.  A small, classic wallet is both practical and stylish.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, men do care what they smell like.  Buy him his favorite cologne for a simple, thoughtful gift.  This one is mine.

  6. Skip the box of chocolate this year and instead give him a box of cookies.  We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this cookie assortment is just too good to pass up.  Perfect for long distance lovers, this dessert delivery service will carry your cookies, cakes, and brownies anywhere in the country.
  7. Beer brewing kits are the ultimate dude’s gift.  We thought this homemade gin kit was a fun twist to a classic gift.
  8. Proper stemware for his favorite drink is a must, and this ultra sleek Moscow Mule cup set is giving us some serious envy.
  9. A super plush robe will help your beaux relax and enjoy some serious R&R.  I love this one from UGG.  It feels so luxurious to the touch!
  10. There is no man in this world who doesn’t enjoy a good shave.  Buy him a shaving set so that he can primp himself from the comfort of his own bathroom.  The Winston Set from Harry’s is a personal favorite of mine for gift giving.  You can engrave the handle and even enroll them in Harry’s membership program where blades will be mailed to their door monthly based on their shaving preferences!

Whether your guy is into tech, music, entertaining, grooming, or relaxing, there is a very good chance you will find him a gift on this list that he will truly appreciate.  After all, as complicated as boys are sometimes it’s the simple things that’ll really impress them!

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