Vaseline Works a Wonder For Your Beauty Habits

Who would’ve thought the most helpful beauty tips could come from a small bottle of Vaseline. I was looking on Pinterest one day and found a tip about applying Vaseline around your nails before painting them. The Vaseline will not only help heal dry and cracked cuticles, but it will also help rub off nail polish mistakes. Guess What? It works! I put some Vaseline on my nails before I got them done, and the girl wiped off the mistakes when the polish was wet. However, when I got home, I noticed that she missed one, and my nails were already dry, but that’s okay because it rubbed off easily. The nail salon I go to uses sunflower oil before painting my nails, and the polish mistakes will come off effortlessly as well.

Vaseline is also great for perfume. Rub some of it on your perfume spots like wrists, behind the ear, and neck before you spray the perfume. Put it on your perfume spots, and the scent will actually last a lot longer than it would without Vaseline! I sprayed some on my wrists and found that the scent was still there even after I washed my hands.

One of my favorite uses for Vaseline is on my nail polish bottles. The cap to my favorite polish is sometimes impossible to open because the polish will dry up underneath the cap (I have used it a lot!). Vaseline can solve that problem by simply rubbing it under the cap. Once it’s on, you should be able to open it with ease. It works like a charm, and it has saved me money.

Vaseline can also hide split ends, prevent spray tan streaks, and remove stains from your clothes. Just use a little with a damp cloth and the stain will come right out. There are several other Vaseline beauty uses. For more tips, visit

Go buy some Vaseline today!

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    • Ashley
    • July 18, 2012

    Wow very interesting stuff. I did not know this and will have to try it out!

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