Wanelo—A Whole New World

With the holidays over,  it seems that little bit of extra spending cash we so graciously received throughout the past month has left most of us asking, “Where should I shell out this extra pocket change?” With money being tight, for almost everyone, it’s more important to buy something, well… important!

No longer is that plain shirt with a few embellishments something you should be buying in five different colors because you’re, “Dying over it,” as quoted by the fashionsita extraordinaire, Rachel Zoe, but rather something interesting and unique that will be an instant hit among the crowd! Certainly that is what fashion and style is all about, right? Making a statement, and being bold!

Well, prepare to have your stylish, vintage cardigans blown off! I am happy to introduce to you, what I’ve dubbed, the most amazing, fabulous, creative and innovative site out there, Wanelo.com.

Wanelo is pronounced “wah-nee-lo” which stems from Want Need Love. To those of you who aren’t familiar with Wanelo, I describe it as,  “A search engine of fabulousity!”  The sites founders describe it as a place to “find unique products and stores you’ve never heard of.”

It can be described as a trendier, fashion-based StumbleUpon that focuses on unique products rather than websites. Another great aspect is that you can follow others who post items similar to your common interests, and in return they can follow you. It’s the love child of Twitter and StumbleUpon! AKA: A social media and fashion guru’s dream!

Founder Deena Varshavskaya explains, “Wanelo is a community platform for shopping. It’s a site you can post, find, and collect your favorite products from anywhere online. You follow users who have tastes you like, and you get a feed of products they find online. It’s the best way to be exposed to new products and new brands.” (Benjamin F. Kuo)

To use Wanelo you must first sign up, free of charge, with either your email address or Facebook account. Unlike Pinterest which requires an invite! After you’ve done this, you’re ready to search for creative and trendy items.

In order to find something that sparks your interest, you can either use the provided search bar to type in exactly what you’re looking for, or search by category: trending, new, and most popular.

Here’s an example of how their search engines work; during a search for iPhone cases, I clicked on a case that looked super chic. This then led to the website where you are able to purchase it, Society6. I had never heard of this website prior to Wanelo, but I discovered that it sells incredibly artistic laptop cases, iPhone cases and even framed art prints! Fab, right?

Clearly, Wanelo is pretty ingenious. You will never have to give a boring gift or buy something subpar for yourself with your precious holiday cash! Do yourself a favor and invest in a few clicks at Wanelo.com and you will be immersed in a whole new world of fashion.


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