Want Your Home To Look More Expensive? This Guide Will Tell You How To Do It!

We all know the feeling of browsing Pinterest late at night, looking at dreamy apartments and beautiful home designs. This kind of thing can lead us to feel remarkably unhappy with our own homes, and desperate to do something about it. Your home is by far the biggest investment you’ll ever make, so it should work for you and you alone. If you’re not happy with it, you have every right to change things up – it’s you who lives there, of course! But getting a Pinterest-worthy look on a tight budget isn’t easy.



Thankfully, there are actually ways you can make your home look far more expensive than it actually is – you just need to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

The outside

Let’s start outside the home on this occasion. After all, first impressions are so important – and your home is no exception to the rule. We all like getting a little gasp of surprise when someone comes into our home and realises that despite what it looks like on the outside, it’s actually okay on the inside! But wouldn’t it be dreamy if the exterior of our home matched the vision we have in our head? By making a few simple changes, it can! Renew the walls of your home by updating the siding. Siding is the aesthetic part of the outdoor home building – it can give you the opportunity to transform how your house looks from the outside. If you’re into a log cabin style, go for wooden siding. Or, if you want a more modern appearance, try vinyl siding. Other important exterior aspects you’ll need to take care of are keeping the front lawn in check, and giving the front door a lick of paint.

Less is more

A super easy way of bringing that luxurious look into your home is simply by de-cluttering. You never saw a home featured in a magazine that had a pile of dishes in the sink, or a trail of clothes littering the floor. Keeping on top of your possessions is a sure fire way to keep your home looking clean, cool and classy. The same goes for decor – less is definitely more. Go through your art and trinkets and decide what can be a standout item, and what you may need to keep in storage. There’s nothing wrong with displaying the items you love, but too many can lead to decorative overkill.

Think color – or lack of

One thing classy, expensive looking homes have in common is that they are all neutral-toned. Even if they are applied beautifully, overly bright colors can often look garish and childlike in the home. Instead, choose timeless shades such as white, pale gray and beige to make your home into a blank canvas for you to work with. If you simply must have some color in there, why not get an arty friend to design you a feature wall? Or, often, just having one b

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