Waxing v. Threading for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin like me, waxing your facial hair may not be the best option. In my experience waxing can be painful and cause irritation to the waxing site, leaving your skin red and blotchy. Though the chemicals in wax may not be particularly harmful, the process of waxing can cause anxiety to those of us who know and are familiar with the pain associated with it.

Threading is another option. Threading is a technique that uses cotton thread to remove unwanted hair. It does not require the use of chemicals or anything else that may cause irritation to your sensitive skin. While the process can be a bit painful at first, the effects of the pain do not last any longer than the process itself. And better yet: there is very minimal irritation to the hair removal site, if any at all.

I prefer the threading option myself, especially since my skin reacts negatively to any type of foreign or unnatural substance, such as wax, make-up or cleanser. With sensitive skin, I suppose you just have to make do with the options available to you…

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