Waxing vs Shaving

There comes a day, where we all consider experiencing the pain of waxing just to get rid of those pesky bumps and unwanted hairs.  Americans spend over $38 billion (yes, billion!) a year on hair care products.  So we mean business about this whole hair removal thing.  Face it, we all want silky smooth skin, and definitely want to avoid our man feeling prickly legs!

However, is waxing actually better than shaving?  We’ve gathered our facts and weighed our options.  Waxing may be more effective in some places, but not in others.  We’ve got the scoop on Waxing vs Shaving.



  • Longer lasting results
  • Quick
  • Great for facial hair and the bikini line
  • Removes hair completely


  • Painful!
  • Risk of actual burns
  • Expensive
  • Hard to do it by yourself
  • You have to wait to wax again until hair grows back



  • Virtually painless
  • Better for legs
  • Easier to do at home
  • You can shave at any time of the growth cycle


  • Results don’t last very long
  • Razor burn!
  • Risk of ingrown hairs
  • Shortens hair, not removes
  • Cuts are possible

When trying to decide what to do, consider these pros and cons of each.  Also, you can always try waxing and then if you absolutely hate it, go back to shaving. The skin does become tougher every time, so waxing begins to hurt a little less the more you do it.  Time also has a lot to do with the decision.

If you need to be somewhere within the hour, shaving will have to do.  In order to wax, you need to nab an appointment and wait until the redness goes away, putting only cool water on the area.  Also, many of us feel embarrassed having someone else deal with our bikini line (it can be pretty awkward).  Don’t be afraid to try waxing, and it may not even be that bad!


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    Excellent article! Very helpful — thank you. 🙂

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    Great post! I’m definitely a fan of waxing more because it lasts longer…but I prefer to do it myself

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