Ways to Impress Your Wedding Guests

As one of the most important and exciting days of your life, your wedding day is something you’ll want to get just right. And although it’s essentially for you and your partner to wed, having friends and family to share it with is what makes it so special. And so making everything convenient and as enjoyable as possible for them too is something worth considering. Here are a few ways to wow your wedding guests.


Create a Wedding Website

Wedding websites are becoming increasingly popular, but done well is definitely something to wow your guests. You’re able to include everything from your wedding gift list to details of how to get to the event to photos and stories about your life together so far. It gives guests everything they need to know in one place, and means you’re not having to include masses of information on your wedding invitations (since you can simply point them to your website instead). You could give a teaser to the theme and colors by the way you style the site, as well as add contact information for people to easily be able to ask questions. It keeps all of the information everyone will need in one place and gives a professional look while showing that you’re organized.

Add Customized Social Media

Keeping with the theme of things you can do online, a fun and unique addition to your wedding is customized social media. Companies like http://eventfilters.com design custom filters for Snapchat, giving you stunning filters that are unique just for your wedding! Something your guests are not likely to have seen before, and along with your professional wedding photos you have the opportunity to get loads of fantastic fun snaps from your guests.

Leave The Perfect Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are often left as an afterthought- a few sweets chucked into an organza bag or something similar. But party favors are a fantastic way to really wow your guests, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. This site recommends everything from mini cakes to retro sweets to homemade baked goods. If you have the time in advance to plan or were having a smaller ceremony you could even make your wedding favors more personal and create little packages for everyone individually. Alternatively you could just have different party favors for men, women and children.

Have Free Drinks on Offer

The likelihood is that your guests will have spent a fair bit of money to attend your big day. New outfits, a gift, travel and possibly stay in a hotel. And so offering them free drinks at the reception is a nice way to thank them for coming, and with the drinks flowing you know everyone will have a brilliant time! Offering a free bar might not be feasible, especially if you are doing your wedding on a budget or having a lot of guests. However you could leave a number of bottles of wine or champagne on the reception tables and even set up something like a ‘drinks station’. This could be anything from pre-mixed cocktails in mason jars to a mini bar area with a selection of spirits to a ‘pimp your prosecco’ area with various mixers and chopped fruit. Guests can help themselves and won’t have to spend a fortune on drinks.

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