Stylish Ways to Wear A Vest

Okay, I realize that it’s not summer anymore, so when I tell you that you should buy a vest, you may be surprised. You’re probably asking yourself, How’s a vest going to keep me warm in the chilly fall weather?  We have the scoop on stylish ways to wear a vest. 

Well to answer your question, the answer is simple: Bring on the layers! Although a light vest like the ones pictured above may seem too summer-y, the reality is that you can make them appropriate for fall by pairing them with sweaters and long-sleeved thermals. Also, some of them would look great with flannels!

My advice is to be creative with your layers; try unusual combinations like a thermal shirt with a zip up hoodie over it. Or even consider layering a short-sleeved graphic tee on top. (I know this may seem totally 90’s, but any true fashionista can pull off the look— all you need is some confidence!)

When scouring your favorite store for a vest, look for one that is unique. Try on a floral one, a cargo one, or even a furry one. (By the way, how cute is the brown furry one I’ve featured?!? It would look great with any cream colored cardigan.)

If you’re weary of picking out an out-there vest, however, I would stick with a traditional jean one. A vest with a furry collar also makes it more fall appropriate, which may make you feel more comfortable with the trend.

So which vest is your favorite and what layers would you pair with it? Leave me a comment below!


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