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We love Rachel Bilson! She is always so down-to-earth in all of the interviews she takes part in and she is phenomenal as Zoe Hart on The CW’s Hart of Dixie about a big city doctor who moves to a small town in Alabama. With the geographical differences, Zoe finds it hard to adjust at first and gets into some hilarious situations. Lots of people may also know Rachel from her role as Summer on The OC. Although we love her television personalities, we also love her style. Rachel is obviously a big fan of fashion as she always looks super stylish and was a contributor to InStyle magazine for a while. Rachel has a very fashion-forward sense of style. She is quite happy to rock an indie look one day and then a tailored dress shorts and blazer look the next. Whatever look Rachel decides on never disappoints. Even her character on Hart of Dixie is super stylish and known in the town of Bluebell, AL for her shorts. Here are our top five favorite looks of Rachel’s… There was a lot to choose from!

1. We love the nude dress and booties on their own with the gold necklace, but the bright orange blazer just adds a nice pop of color. Orange is great with nude because their is no clashing or competing colors. We love Rachel’s half updo too!

2. This is a super sophisticated and sleek look. This look would be tidy with the black and white but the bright pink pants add an element of fun to this otherwise serious outfit. This is a perfect combination of “work and play!”

3. Another tailored look from Rachel does not go amiss! She looks amazing in this outfit. Yes, it is very matchy-matchy but with the nice, clean lines it looks very sophisticated and simple. This look is easy for anyone to achieve. We love her cute blouse! This is a perfect example of how great a minimalistic look can be!

4. Rachel certainly gets the gold in this outfit – it’s definitely a winner! We love her gold shorts with a simple, black ruffled blouse. Again, Rachel’s looks are easy for anyone to emulate and that’s why her style is so beloved.

5. Lastly, we love this look! Rachel is a pro and finding the perfect balance between flirty and fun and sophisticated but edgy. She combines the two perfectly with this outfit. We love how she makes her look flirty wuith her fun, curly hair with the pretty floral blouse, but with the bright pink on her lips, leather shorts and edgy booties, she makes this look unforgettable!

Rachel is a style star! She makes fashion look fun and comfortable which is all it should be. She isn’t afraid to try something new but she always looks beautiful and sophisticated. To see more of Rachel and great style, make sure you tune in to Hart of Dixie on the CW on April 9th!

Picture credits: Style.com & People.com


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