How To Wear NYC Fashion Week’s Biggest Looks

by Sarah Ruhlman
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We don’t know if you’ve noticed but the weather’s been a little less, well, wintery recently and there are definite signs that warmer, sunnier days will soon be here. When it comes to getting your spring wardrobe organized it’s best to pack away your winter stuff first, that way you’ll be able to see how many lighter garments you own or if it’s time to hit the shop floor! Heavier jeans, woolen sweaters, and thick, hooded coats should be placed towards the back of the rail along with hats, gloves, and scarves and your finer clothes featuring flowy, looser fabrics brought forwards.

Gingham graced many runway shows this Fashion Week

Spring’s also a brilliant time to try out a new look as well as experimenting with colors, shapes, and patterns. Look for inspiration in outfits that mix heavier and lighter fabrics, for example, a pale blue chiffon blouse with a white frilled peplum skirt and a cute sandstone trench coat. While there’s nothing wrong with classic florals and pastels why not mix them up with stripes, abstract and polka dot prints?

Love the cute, preppy look? Come spring stores will be bursting with brightly colored garments featuring cats, owls, and birds. However, to avoid looking like a teenager choose smaller, more stylistic, designs instead of in-your-face prints. Look to pair tops with knee length skirts or skorts, wear pretty, floral day dresses with tights or leggings and remember to keep an eye on trends.

While designers are always looking to promote the next big thing in fashion, it’s also good to know what’s making waves on the NYC, Paris, Milan and London catwalk circuit. Checking out the latest style reports is a fantastic way of knowing what’s going to be on the rails in advance!

Bigger Is Better


Yes, you heard it here first! Come the heady days of fall you won’t be able to move for oversized clothes including wide leg trousers, long almost tunic style tops, boyfriend baggy T-shirts and large padded coats that look like they munched eighties shoulder pads. Skirts are going longer, almost floor length and even work wear won’t escape. Those big pussy bow blouses that helped define the era of power dressing are back and more outrageous than ever. However, there’s no need to wait till then to unleash your inner Joan Collins. Are you looking for an easy boardroom to wine bar outfit? Hunt down a pair of smart, tailored pinstripe trousers, a classic white lacy shirt and oversize pocket blazer. Don’t forget an iconic leather satchel, chunky beaded necklace and statement lace up loafers.

Slogan Tees

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year it’s hard to avoid that there’s been some, let’s say, interesting developments in politics lately. Fashion week catwalks saw numerous t- shirts, hats, jumpers and even lingerie emblazoned with empowering comments, positive body imagery, feminist phrases and even uplifting quotes from famous luminaries. However, we’re not saying you should immediately take a Sharpie and scrawl black half illegible writing all over your wardrobe.

For starters, ink’s pretty hard to get out so you might do better pinning statement badges to your patched denim jacket instead. Ultimately, if you’re looking to make a bold statement or share your political beliefs there’s never been a better time, thousands of women are becoming so passionate enough global issues that it’s even influencing what they’re wearing. So if you’re feeling frustrated then now’s the time to do don your ‘peace, love and kittens’ t-shirt. Let’s face it who doesn’t want the world to be a better place and if you can stand up for what you believe in while wearing a ‘Future Is Female’ baby tee, pineapple print maxi skirt, and deep blue velvet mules why not?

Blue Velvet

Velvet’s one of those gorgeous, kitten soft, luxurious fabrics you just want to drape yourself in as it always makes us look, and feel a million dollars. It’s stretchy, yet supportive adding instant glamor to an outfit while keeping us nice and cozy. Over the next few months, you’re going to see an explosion of velvet skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and trousers as well as shoes, hats, and bags! There’s also going to be a mini-revival of 90’s gothic in the ongoing trend of pairing velvet and lace. In fact, more than one model was seen sporting a dark berry lip; smoky eye makeup look while wearing a kaleidoscope of jewel toned crushed velvet on the catwalk.

If you’re still looking for that perfect date night outfit you can’t go far wrong with a midnight blue; gold embroidered and fully lined velvet skater dress, kitten heels and sparkling silver accessories.

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