How to Wear Royal Blue to Support the Royals Baseball Team


Last year the beloved (for those fellow KC residents) Royals gave us quite the run when they made it to the World Series.  Yesterday, was opening day at the K and to celebrate I started off my morning at Fox4 showing you 3 different looks and ways to wear royal blue.  If you don’t want to wear the typical Kansas City t-shirt or Royals jersey here are some other fun ways to incorporate the color into your wardrobe.


royalsfashionProducts featured in the looks:

Look 1:

  • MadJewels ($52) accessories made this look complete.  The tassel earrings and necklace brought a fun style to this office look.

Look 2:

  • Tees by Tina Tie Dye Tank in Blue ($50 at brand is always your size, making this tank perfect for all shapes and sizes, and will fit for years to come – no matter what.
  • Colour Prevails Nail Lacquer in Reality Star ($8, Walgreens) Be your own manicurist (…and your friends’) using this patented, ergonomincally designed brush that will improve your painting experience and results beyond belief. 35 unique shades of nail lacquer, custom mixed by Nonie Creme in our Safety-First, 5-Free formulation
  • Verloop handbag, Woven by hand from recycled plastic, Verloop‘s collection of vibrantly colored bags is made from the same material that’s used to harvest seaweed in the Southern Philippines, one of the leading centers of seaweed production in the world. Accordingly, the plastic is especially durable given its exposure to salt water and more.

Look 3:

  • Organmi Owl Necklace designed for the KC Royals fan.  All of their jewelry is custom made and can I just add, adorable.
  • Kohl’s Lauren Conrad Disney Collection skirt, this whimsical style of this women’s LC Lauren Conrad skirt is layered tulle.  The construction delivers a full, feminine look that will bring out your inner princess

My look:

  • My top is from Dillard’s, pants are from Kohls and shoes from Off Broadway Shoes.  I also accessorized with a beautiful ring from Amelia Rose Design.
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