Tips & Tricks on How to Wear Sequins

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We are currently in a season that can best be described as “festive.” Everywhere you look is another sign of the holiday season. Twinkling lights, glittery decorations, sprinkled goodies, all signifying Christmas and the New Year. Naturally, parties ensue. Most of us will be invited to at least one holiday gathering, then comes the story of every fashionistas life….”what am I going to wear?”

I think a perfect go-to look to coincide with this time of year is sequins! Some of you will rejoice at the sound of that and go running to your closet crazily pulling out every sequin piece you own saying “finally!” while a majority of you will probably cringe, cower and think “no way.” Well, to all you “no-wayers” and even to some of the sequin-savvy, here are some tips on how you can wear sequins the right way.

The way to wear sequins can be broken down into four basic principles

  • Balance: This is a key factor anytime you plan on wearing something bold and sequins is about as bold as it gets. They will be the stand-out piece. They’re going to be the main attraction of your entire look, so keeping that in mind you don’t want to wear anything that’s going to distract from the main attraction. If you’re wearing a sequin skirt, you wear a simple, probably solid colored shirt. If you’re wearing a sequin dress, you do LITTLE to no accessories. It’s all about balance. The moment you wear sequins with too much jewelry or animal print or really any other bold piece is the moment you lose balance and the moment you’re sequin wearing takes a turn for the worst, which leads me to my next principle.
  •  Cheap vs. Chic: Coming from an avid sequin-wearer, if you don’t follow the principles properly sequins can be dangerous. One wrong move and you go from totally glam to totally trashy. You want to look classy, polished and put together and that comes from good styling. This may sound crazy but think of a conservative woman you know of, maybe a political figure, how would she wear her hair for a night out? How would she wear her makeup? What accessories would she use? In doing this you not only find balance but you also produce a look that is extremely chic instead of extremely cheap. Also, a look that is still mature and age appropriate as opposed to looking too young or childish. Doing a sleek bun, soft curls, red lips, light eye makeup, etc. goes hand in hand with sequins. The glittery goodness will be wild and party-ready enough that you don’t have to overdo it on the rest.
  • Color: Color is such an essential component of everything and anything fashion related. Every color says something different, looks different on and gives a different vibe. When you’re picking sequins to wear be, color conscious. What event are you attending? Christmas? New Years? What colors look good with your skin and your eyes? Red sequins are glamorous, sexy and are good for Christmas festivities. Silver or gold sequins are good for the New Year and easy to match with a necklace, ring or earrings. While black, is a much more muted form of the sequin look and may be a good choice for those who aren’t feeling quite as bold. Simply put, be aware of what colors you’re getting yourself into!
  • Attitude: When it comes down to it, attitude really is everything. It’ll either make or break the outfit, even if you don’t follow all the principles above, you can pull off darn near anything with the right amount of confidence. Think of Lady Gaga proudly promenading around in a dress composed of meat. I’m not suggesting meat as the next holiday style trend but I am saying be proud of whatever sequined look you decide on. Nothing is more appealing or more beautiful than a smile, a positive attitude and confidence. This holiday season be fearless, be bold and be sequined!



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