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Some of the latest wedding color trends are shocking the world, or at least the older generation.  It seems that nowadays anything goes… but isn’t that how it should be? It’s your wedding day! One of the happiest days of your life, and it’s a day all about you!  So why not celebrate with colors that make you happy?  What colors are HOT right now?  The answer ~ YOUR colors!  Whether it’s teal, burnt orange, traditional red and black, or hot pink and lime green… Anything goes!

Let’s talk shoes for the bride! Many people go with traditional white, or choose the shoe as their way of adding that pop of color, along with the floral bouquet! Heels seem to be on trend every season. Here are some HOT colors right now:

Royal blue ~ Just like Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blahnik’s, blue is a go-to color!

Green ~ This fabulous shade is for those who are willing to take a chance!

Sparkly ~ For those of you who love glitter!

Silver ~ These shoes are sexy and could easily be worn again!

Classic Black Louboutin Pumps ~ Elegance!




Bridesmaid dresses have come along way.  We all know it’s a day for the Bride, but let’s remember to be nice to our bridesmaids, and try to find a dress that is flattering on all shapes and sizes, is a gown they could wear again, and also makes them feel comfortable! Remember, your bridesmaids could be picking out a dress for you soon.

These dresses are stunning!  The coral is popular trend right now, and although this dress is shorter, it’s still long enough to look classy and could easily be worn to a cocktail party or a fancy night out!

Purple: you either love it or hate it, but this dress is pretty, with the one shoulder strap for added support.

The blue ball gown is a stunning color, and the flow of this dress is flattering on everyone!

The ivory sateen dress with a black bow is stunning for any black tie affair, and what is great about this gown is that you can change out the sash for any colored one if you wanted too.

Lastly, the green goddess: ahhh- mazing for spring or fall!



Flowers: Mixing and matching colors and different shapes of flowers is a very popular trend, as of late. Create something unique that you will remember for the rest of your life. Whether you choose wildflowers or roses, it will be beautiful!  Adding in jewels is also on the rise right now, and can add an extra touch of sparkle!


Bright Roses and Hydrangea make this bouquet really stand out.


White and Green Elegance


Tulips, Daisy’s and Green Foliage.

A unique bouquet of vintage brooches, the bride made this for her special day.

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