What in the name of Louboutin?

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For many, the color red symbolizes different things. In the eyes of romantics, red is love and bouquets of roses. However, others see red as an angry, devilish color; a color no one would be caught wearing during a bullfighting event. Somehow, Christian Louboutin has taken the color red and gave it a new meaning: lustful femininity. He found a way to create decadent, sophisticated shoes in an exotic way that accentuated a woman’s legs and made them feel confident and beautiful.

His shoe journey began as a young child when he visited the African and Oceanic Art Museum in France. A sign containing a woman’s high-heel shoe with a red “X” going across the picture caught his eye. The museum forbade the entrance of women with high-heeled shoes because it would harm the wood flooring, and this began his interest in shoe design. Louboutin began making shoe sketches as a teen and later apprenticed under Roger Vivier, the man credited with inventing the stiletto heel. Then he began freelance work for design houses such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, and later created shoes for the fashion shows of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, Lanvin and many others. These red-lacquered soles can be seen on the feet of  many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez (who has a song about the shoes called, “Louboutins”).

He began his company in 1991 and three years later Louboutin’s first prototype was made, but he realized it was missing something. He was working with a girl who was testing his shoes, and when she wasn’t busy she would paint her nails. Then an idea sparked in his head: he painted the bottom of his shoes from black to red. Ever since then, the red bottoms have been associated with his brand.

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