What is Your New Years Why? Inspired by the Movie @CBeautyMovie #CollateralBeauty

by Sarah Scoop

“New Year, New You” is the saying most of us hear throughout the whole month of January. It’s a saying some of us go by starting on the 1st while others give it the eye roll. To those of you that do go by the statement, my question to you is why? What is your reasoning, your purpose for a new you when welcoming this new year? I’m all for New Year’s resolutions, goals and changes, but what is it all for?

Recently, I saw the movie Collateral Beauty. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it! It’s a story of how significant events in our lives combat with our futures. Will Smith’s character, Howard, loses his daughter to cancer and he just can’t seem to cope with the tragic loss. The movie reveals how Howard, and essentially all of society, longs for love, wishes for more time, and fears death.

My favorite part of the movie was the first 15 minutes. Within those 15 minutes Will Smith’s character, Howard, asks the question “what is your why?” As cheesy as it sounds, this question resonated within my soul. I couldn’t get the question out of my head. What is my why? What is my purpose for a new me within this new year of 2017?

Having been asked this question once before the question again ignited something within me. The question bothers me—in a helpful way—because it’s a challenge. It is a challenge to dig deep and get to know yourself. I believe that the real challenge of finding your why comes from something deeper than the event that has caused the change. Maybe you had a bad breakup, are starting a new job, or are moving to a different place and that’s why you need to become a “new you.” Once you figure out that part, dig further into the reasoning behind the change. Is it for yourself? Or is it to prove to the ex that they were wrong? Could the reason be to become someone you’ve always wanted to be?

My Personal “Why”

2017 is a new year, therefore I want to encourage myself to present a new me. So, again I’ll ask myself, what is my why?

My “why”: To coexist with the world we live in.

No, this is not a cliché, not exactly. To exist is one thing, but to coexist is a whole other concept. I want to be able to live with the world, to grasp and hold onto every moment in the year of 2017. I want to take chances, seize opportunities, and grow within every second of the year. To coexist is to harmonize with the world, instead of fighting against it. My 2017 is going to be full of change. Instead of being fearful and worrying every step of the way I am going to face it head on and embrace all that comes with it. That’s my “why” to becoming a new me with the new year.

The next time you see or hear the phrase “new year, new you” think about your “why” and what the phrase means to you. What resonates from your soul when you think of a new you? What is your why?

Check out the emotional trailer of Collateral Beauty below!

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