What Men Really Look for in Women


What do men really look for in woman? Figuring out the ideals of a man is a constant guessing game, so we went straight to the source. We asked  several men in their early to mid twenties what they look for in a woman  and we managed to narrow it down to these qualities:

Physical Appearance

Although the guys tried to tiptoe around the subject, It was made quite clear that physical appearance matters. Let’s be honest. All though a curvy body and pretty face can only take a women so far, Our physical appearances proceed our  beautiful personality traits. Now, physical experience is not purely linked to conventionally attractive traits or “good” genes. Their is something a little deeper. It’s the way we carry yourself, the way we express yourself through we style, and even the way we walk. Because this is the basis of which a first impression is formed, be sure that you present yourself in a way that accurately depicts the type of person you would like to be perceived as. Although your appearance is purely physical, there is a particular characteristic that has a significant effect on your looks. That is confidence.


Jealousy isn’t a word! Confidence is  a sense of comfort in who you are, even in the presence of beautiful women. A confident woman is more secure in both themselves and their relationship. She is less likely to accuse her boyfriend of wandering eyes and cheating.  She doesn’t need reassurance she is confident in her opinion and looks.

Down to Earth

Not only do men want confident women, but also humble, level headed down to Earth women.  A woman who is materialistic can come off as both high maintenance or even intimidating. A women must understand her value beyond what she wears or posses.

The ability to let loose!

Who doesn’t love a girl who can have fun? All of the guys who were surveyed made it very clear that they want a woman who knows how to have fun! Men want a woman who is spontaneous and playful, A girl who is not afraid to be a little silly in public. Don’t play it cool; Be yourself!

Have some depth

Don’t be “the girl of  the night.” Show some depth of personality. People love connecting with people in a level greater than physical behavior. Anyone who has enough sense to maintain an intelligent conversation is a keeper. As typical as that sounds being able to connect with someone on a deep level isn’t common.   

Fits his lifestyle

What a man looks for in a woman depends on his motives, values, and what stage of life he is in. This is an important aspect of compatibility. Men in their twenties are still establishing themselves. They may not be prepared for a relationship, but you shouldn’t have to appease a man by altering your plans. You must both be on the same accord as far as what type of relationship you want.

Lastly, don’t change yourself. Being yourself is enough! If he doesn’t appreciate that than he is not worth your time.



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